Khairy Jamaluddin Wish To Build A Political Party With Rafizi Ramli – Dreamed of A New Party For Malaysia

Khairy posted an old picture of him shaking Rafizi’s hand with Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik in the background.

In his caption, Khairy described Rafizi as his great rival similar to tennis champions Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as well as comic book heroes Professor X and Magneto. “On a much smaller and humble scale, mine will always be with Rafizi Ramli,” he said.

The former Youth and Sports Minister said the duo had clashed many times and even had nasty exchanges but said there will always be a rival’s respect between them.

Although Khairy said he did not know what the final results will be, he congratulated Rafizi for taking on the “infamous cartel”, a swipe at Azmin. Khairy insinuated that Azmin and his supporters promoted old-school patronage and mediocre minds.

He went on to add that if it weren’t for their commitments to their respective party causes – Rafizi’s to PKR president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s reform movement and Khairy’s efforts to rebuild Umno – they would have dreamed of a new party for Malaysia. “Maybe in another lifetime,” he said.

A bit of a throwback tonight. Everyone involved in an adversarial profession will have that one great rivalry. Federer and Nadal. Professor X and Magneto. Big Mac and Whopper. On a much smaller and humbler scale, mine will always be with @rafiziramli. We have clashed swords many times and even said pretty nasty things to each other.

But there will always be a rival’s respect between us. I don’t know what the final results of the PKR elections will look like. But I want to congratulate RafIizi for taking on the infamous cartel, which apparently promotes old school patronage and mediocre minds, and giving them a bloody nose. We both tried to shake up our parties.

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And we are both out of the mainstream. For now. If it wasn’t for his commitment to Anwar and the reform movement, and mine towards rebuilding UMNO, we could have dreamt of a new party for Malaysia. Maybe in another lifetime.

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