Khaled Nordin : Racist DAP Not Accepted In Johor : DAP’s Agenda Not Suitable For “Bangsa Johor”

Accusing the DAP of practising racist politics, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said the party would not get support of Malays and Indians in the state.

He said DAP’s agendas were also not suitable with the aspirations of the “Bangsa Johor”, “Muafakat Johor” and “Johor Berkemajuan”.

He said the people could refer to the fact that DAP was rejected and suffered severe defeat during the Sarawak state election.

“Does the DAP leadership think that by attracting a few Malay youths who are handsome and beautiful, it will make them a multiracial party and able to represent the interests of the Malays?

“We can ask PAS members. They (DAP and PAS) have slept in the same bed before. I’m sure they (PAS) can tell the true attitude of DAP in championing the Malays, Indians and Islam,”

Source : The Star

Source : Astro Awani

“DAP (also) tries to turn every Chinese to be racial, but Malaysia is a multiracial country.

Source : Malaysiakini

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