Kind-Hearted Grab Driver Refused To Take Payment After Sending Woman To Hospital

Facebook for a good reason! Here’s what happened, a lady named Carmen received a distress call from her father on May 28 regarding her mother and she had to rush home to get her mother to the hospital. Luckily, the GrabCar driver whom Carmen hired was so kind that she decided to make him go viral for a good cause. She wrote in her post,

“This morning while I was working, I received a call from my father saying that mum wasn’t gonna make it. “I have no car, and my husband was working. So I had (to call a GrabCar) to go home and send my mother to the hospital. While on the way, I asked the driver if he could send my mother to the hospital later (from our place), and also help me get her into the car.”
The driver, identified as Mohd Nor Iman agreed to help without hesitation. Source: Facebook It is learned that before getting into the car, Carmen’s mother vomited alongside the road, and that made Carmen worried about the driver’s car. However, instead of getting angry as anyone would expect, Mohd Nor Iman heartwarmingly asked Carmen not to sweat it.
“When we reached the hospital, I wanted to give him money, but he refused to accept any and said that this is all he could do for my mother.”
Sadly, it was later revealed that Carmen’s mother kidneys were currently functioning at only 19% of capacity, which makes toxins hard to be eliminated from her body. The family is now waiting for a report from another hospital for further confirmation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carmen’s mother and we hope that her condition will get better soon with the proper treatment. Also, kudos to Mohd Nor Iman for going the extra mile in helping another Malaysian in need, humanity is only restored with kind-hearted people like yourself. (Source: Facebook / WOB)

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Raymond Tan

    June 5, 2018 at 18:52

    In this materialistic world, thanks good and kind hearted people are hard to find. In normal circumstances, most will make use of this opportunity to make more money, save for this kind soul. May he be blessed with good karma, success and happiness.

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