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Kind Malay Woman Praised For Saving An Injured Dog

Kind souls that put others before themselves inspires me, especially those who help out helpless animals. Ziezie, 44, witnessed a driver running into an innocent mongrel one night as she was out getting some food. She has always been feeding stray cats and this is her first time rescuing a dog, at the end of this article you will see a video of the rescue.

“When the car hit the dog, it was standing on the roadside and not in the middle of the road,” Ziezie said, adding that she had seen the dog three or four days earlier scavenging food for its puppy.

“Most probably the perpetrator’s brain is on his knees, poor dog, we even lost our appetite to eat, the dog was yelping in pain as if it was asking for help. Even hearing it makes me want to cry,” she said.

Ziezie contacted Shikin, an experienced animal rescuer but to no avail, Ziezie thought “maybe Shikin is asleep, cause it was very late in the night.”

The following morning, Ziezie went out to the scene of the crime in search for the dog and found it laying on its side, unmoving and there was a puppy together with it. “The puppy was crying for its mom. I was crying too. I told the dog, ‘please wait, please wait’,” she said.


She came back to the dog in the evening later that day with 3 friends, Hidayah, Syafiq and Shikin. “We found it in the drain, maybe it had dragged itself into there to avoid the sun, and fell into the drain and got stuck in there,” she added.

The 4 of them brought along gloves and an e-collar, unfortunately, the collar was too small for the dog, so they resorted to using only gloves, but because the dog was in so much pain, it caused the dog to be more afraid and aggressively when she saw them wearing gloves.

“We took off the gloves and gently patted her till she calmed down,” said Ziezie. When the dog became less afraid, they crawled into the drain, but they had to wait about half an hour before they could get the dog out. However, the puppy is still missing. The 4 of them couldn’t find the puppy when they rescue its mother, but they will try again and if they manage to find the puppy they will reunite the puppy with its mother.

“We feel sorry for the mother, but the puppy looks old enough to look for food by itself,” she said.

The injured mama dog has been sent to Maju Animal Clinic in Malacca for treatment.Alhamdulillah, the dog is no longer in fear and is in a stable condition. The dog will undergo surgery on Tuesday, it has such a friendly face,” Ziezie added.


While there were many that support Ziezie for her actions, there are also those who condemn her for touching the dog, which they claim unclean. Although many Muslim scholars discourage or even disallow the touching of dogs, particularly wet dogs, doing so in order to save a life is permissible as long as the proper purification process is carried out afterward.

“What is important is that we saved the dog. And we can cleanse ourselves afterward. We can also throw away the clothes if needed; it is not a problem for us. What is important is the dog’s life,” she said to The Star.

The cost of the treatment, surgery and hospitalization costs RM1,500, Ziezie still needs the nations help to pay off the bill, those who wish to contribute can contact Ziezie via Facebook or directly contact Maju Animal Clinic.

In this x-ray, you can see that the bone of the hind leg completely broke off. I don’t know what was going on in the mind of he perpetrator to hit an innocent dog, but I do hope you get what you deserve!

Bless Ziezie for your kind soul for your actions helping those in need.

Here is a video posted by Ziezie posted on her Facebook profile:

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vincent C. C. Pereira

    March 6, 2017 at 17:23

    My highest respects to the four young Ladies, Malay or not is not the issue. Treating Gods creatures with compassion is the respect. I am a animal lover and what these ladies have done shuold be alesson for all.

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