This Is The Kind Of Policemen That Malaysians Are Looking For!!! Policeman Helps An Elderly Civilian!!!

Probably, this kind policeman found this uncle wandering around and decided to give him a lift. Anyways, in these days where we lack empathy, it is nice to see officials giving a helping hand to those who are in need. On the other hand, apparently, many other civilians that spotted this uncle had also tried to help out, but this uncle is quite a stubborn individual. Many have tried to get him off the middle of the road as it was endangering him, but at most times he refuses. Also, this uncle was seen being dropped off by a younger man (probably his son) in the mornings and interestingly, this uncle also sells each of his magazines for RM20. Woah…uncle don’t so expensive le….T.T Just got to wonder what does that young chap actually do…hmmm… Oh well, let’s just hope we meet more kind and generous people in our lives!

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