KLIA2 Luggage Handlers Took Tony Fernandes' "Kiss The Bags" Advice Literally After Bike-Throwing Controversy - The Coverage

KLIA2 Luggage Handlers Took Tony Fernandes’ “Kiss The Bags” Advice Literally After Bike-Throwing Controversy

If you haven’t heard, last week, KLIA2 luggage handlers were under fire for recklessly throwing baggage containing bicycles onto the ground which resulted in damage to property.

We can all agree that deep down in our hearts we never liked how baggage handlers handle our luggage as they show no care to our belongings. Hello, those bags aren’t made of steel, you can’t be throwing it around like it’s a ball!

Source: Facebook

Netizens were furious when a clip of how the bicycles were being thrown onto the ground circulated Facebook. Some urged Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Group CEO to tell his staff to be a bit more careful with their ‘babies’ (referring to the bicycles). Hey, they aren’t cheap you know?

In the aftermath, AirAsia’s luggage handlers seem to have taken Tony’s “kiss the bags’ statement to heart. In fact, it’s in the most literal sense too.

A netizen, Mohd Amir Izzat, believed to be  working under AirAsia, posted a series of photos showing luggage handlers at KLIA2 hugging and smoothing various suitcases in a bid to apologise for their past mistakes.

His Facebook post has garnered over 9,000 shares and more than 9,000 likes.

Just look at how much love is pour in to the bag from the conveyor belt.

The AirAsia baggage handlers did not just stop giving their love there, they show it in transit too!

The baggage handlers showered the luggages with cares ans kisses all the way onto the tarmac and into the plane!

Maybe the bike-throwing incident is a wake-up call for the airport luggage handlers to be mkre mindful of passenger’s belongings.

Below is the complaint for the bike-throwing incident that is widely share on Facebook! Watch the video below!

Thanks AirAsia.. you broke my bike. This was filmed while we were still seated in our flight AK171 from Kaohsiung to KLIA2#airasia

Posted by Fen Lim on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


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1 Comment

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