Lawyer Representing Altantuya Family Wants ‘Quick Probe’ Into SD By Altantuya Killer – Najib Razak Giving Orders To Carry Out The Killing & Dispose of Her Remains

Ramkarpal Singh, who is also DAP national legal bureau chairman, referred to the contents of a statutory declaration by former police commando Azilah Hadri who had been convicted and sentenced to death along with Sirul Azhar Umar for the murder.

“In the said SD, Azilah claims to have been ordered by former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, with the knowledge of Razak Baginda and senior police officer DSP Musa Safri, to kill Altantuya and dispose of her remains,” Ramkarpal said in a statement today, referring to Najib’s former aide Razak Baginda and Najib’s former aide-de-camp Musa.

The lawyer representing the family of the late Altantuya Shaariibuu has called for an investigation into fresh claims against Najib Razak on her 2006 murder, while sources close to the defence team of the former prime minister allege a conspiracy to have him put behind bars.

This comes in the wake of reports that Azilah Hadri, one of the ex-policemen sentenced to death for the brutal murder of Altantuya, issued a statutory declaration (SD) from behind bars accusing Najib of giving them orders to carry out the killing.

Azilah said among others that Abdul Razak Baginda, Altantuya’s former lover who was acquitted of her murder, and senior police officer Musa Safri, were aware of the “instructions” from Najib.

“The revelations by Azilah in his said SD are indeed shocking and the family of Altantuya will apply to the Federal Court to hold a watching brief in the said Federal Court review application,” said Ramkarpal Singh, who is representing Altantuya’s two sons, her father Shaariibuu Setev and his wife in seeking damages from Azilah, fellow convict Sirul Azhar Umar, Razak Baginda and the Malaysian government.

Sirul has been held at an immigration detention centre in Sydney for the past three years since fleeing to Australia, where authorities will not deport asylum seekers facing the death sentence.

Najib today rubbished the claims by Azilah, describing him as a desperate man trying to escape the gallows.

“Why did this information not come out earlier, and only now, more than a decade after her death and only after 19 months of PH being in power?” he asked, adding that it was also an attempt by the Pakatan Harapan government to divert attention from its shortcomings.

Azilah and Sirul were part of the police’s Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK) when they were arrested for the murder of Altantuya.

Her murder has been linked to the 2002 purchase of two French-built Scorpene-class submarines and alleged kickbacks by Razak Baginda, who was an aide to Najib, the defence minister at the time.

Testimonies in the murder trial said she was killed in a forest near Shah Alam in late 2006 and her body blown up with explosives.

Najib has repeatedly rejected allegations of his involvement in the crime.

Ramkarpal said the family would amend their civil suit to include the latest allegations contained in Azilah’s SD as well as any new findings by the police.

“The family of Altantuya will not rest until the motive and personalities behind her brutal murder is revealed and those responsible are brought to justice,” he said.

But lawyers for Najib appeared unfazed by the allegations, according to a source close to his defence team.

The source, however, warned that the contents of Azilah’s SD could be used as an excuse to have Najib arrested without bail.

“They cannot see him continuing to speak up and expose PH’s misdeeds on social media as well as in ceramahs throughout the country,” the source told FMT.

Najib, who is on trial in the High Court for multiple charges linked to 1MDB, is currently out on bail.

Although he quit the Umno leadership after his fall from power last year, he has been appointed as the Barisan Nasional adviser and has actively campaigned for the former ruling coalition.

The same source claimed that Sirul had also been contacted “for the purpose of fabricating evidence to dishonestly implicate Najib”.

It named a “nasty Australian reporter” as the person tasked with the job, adding that the person was sent to the immigration centre where Sirul was detained.

“The aim was to persuade Sirul to come up with a similar fabricated story,” the source added.

Azilah’s lawyer meanwhile distanced himself from the latest claims.

“This is news to me. I have nothing to do with the SD or filing for a review of a Federal Court ruling, as I last met Azilah in Kajang prison three years ago,” Hazman Ahmad told FMT.

Hazman said he was only responsible for preparing the legal papers for the Selangor Pardons Board to hear Azilah’s plea for clemency.

“We are still waiting for the board to set the hearing date,” he added.

The pardons board, chaired by the sultan of Selangor, also comprises the attorney-general and menteri besar.

Source : FMT
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