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Leng Yein Reviewed On Paya Beach Resort – ITS NOT SAFE!

After reviewed by Malaysia’s #1 DJ Leng Yein, don’t think anyone would go Paya Beach Resort anymore….

August 17, Leng Yein posted a review for Paya Beach Resort, Pulau Tioman, attached with a photo of her and her sister in bikini. The review goes viral online, causing much commotion about the resort services!

“PAYA BEACH RESORT Pulau Tioman is NOT SAFE !!! Me and my sister went on diving trip and charge our GoPro in our room. When we came back to our hotel room, our whole set of GoPro is STOLEN and our bag was opened and few items were missing.”

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When they complained to the hotel manager, he claimed that their hotel had never encounter complaints like this. Not even once, their customers complained about things missing. The solution he suggested?

“I’ll personally escort you to Tekek Police Station to file report and let police investigate this.”

LOL!! That’s all he can do?? When Leng Yein replied him “It’s bullshit!”, the manager asked her to refrain her language! Wow, since when “bullshit” is a vulgar….


“I dont like the Manager! He is just SNOBBISH and COCKY and NOT PUTTING CUSTOMERS FIRST.”

Things getting stolen is not the only problem in this resort! What will you do, when you find BLOOD STAINS on their bed sheets! Ewwwwww!


Dirty pillows, smelly toilets, whole room full with mosquitoes, there’s more to say! Leng Yein and her sister Leng Sean barely get to sleep due to the mosquitoes and noises from the next door! Some more, they serve their breakfast COLD! Gosh!

They left their towels on the floor for change, but for TWO NIGHTS, no one attended to it! When the cleaner clean up their room, what she do was just hang the dirty towel back up! LOL?! Who’s gonna use that??


The worst thing, their WIFI is not working at all! That’s like the end of the world for everyone!



“Will NEVER come back to this hotel again because of the safety of our belongings. I cant believe i travelled the world and it is the FIRST time I charge my device in the room and my charger and batteries and whole set of my GoPro are STOLEN from INSIDE our LOCKED room.”


“Very disappointed on how the management handles the case. Printing two pc of paper telling me they are innocent and no one enters my room. So, our things just grew legs and ranaway by itself?! All our pictures and videos of our trip are gone. And it was supposed to be my Princess BIRTHDAY TRIP. Super super disappointed with this Resort … Sigh…”


Of course, Leng Yein’s not the only one who thinks Paya Beach Resort sucks, many people commented and share about their bad encounters in the resort too!

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1 Comment

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