LET'S GO NUDE! 5 Cities Where Wearing Clothes Is Not Allowed!!!

City Cap d’Agde, France What else could one expect from the world capital of naturism, right?

Clearly, they don’t have perverts or people who are ‘starving’ from some sexual ‘action’, hence why it is completely legal to walk around naked without condoning any criminal activities.

Here, you don’t have to worry about forgetting laundry day…how convenient!

City Park in Munich, Germany According to the source, people here have been practising nudity since the 1960s!

This is one of Europe’s biggest city parks that is almost 988 acres wide.

Here people go completely topless and bottomless while enjoying the shimmers of the sun.

Art Festival in Portshach am Worthersee, Austria The world’s largest bodypainting festival is already at its 20th anniversary and will be taking place in late July this year.

So, if you needed a vacation like this, it’s probably a wise decision to book your flights now! Get to witness artists from all over the world gathered in a city to cover models in vibrant masterpieces!

Spa Treatments in Ayana Resort Bali, Indonesia What a better way to be full on in your birthday suit than to relax and ‘feel’ everything around you spinning slowly in unison as you receive one of the best massages in the world?

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Hot Springs Bathing in Tokyo, Japan Of course, who can forget the capital city of Japan where the famous hot springs are.

Did you know that traditionally men and women bathe together as a few special mineral-rich onsens in rural Japan?

Well, now you do!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. R Sreetharanathan

    May 14, 2017 at 14:16

    There r still decent people and decent places where they respect each other. Thsnks for throwing a light to someone in darkness

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