Lifestyle: Beer Brewed from…A Woman’s Vagina?! – Czech Republic Model

How does the process go? The company will take bacteria from the vagina, using a ‘gynaelogical stick’. This stick will be brought to a laboratory, where the lactic acid bacteria are processed. It goes through a cleaning process, then multiplied. After that, the lactic acid bacteria will be put in a culture starter kit, mixing with water, malt, hops, wooden chips, and yeast to create the beer. Funny statement made by the company, is that they promises that the beer will not have any vaginal taste or smell, great huh? A lot of people think that this idea is disrespect for a woman’s genitals, however The Order of Yoni is actually a tribute to mothers and childbirth. It is definitely a very creative concept and idea they had, but will it be able to sell in the market? That remains as a question mark to this! ly3mwykeuwezlhavqnxd

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