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RM 6.50 For The First Premium Halal Mineral Water in the World ?

Finding halal products to consume can be hard at times for a Muslim. There are certain things that us Muslims cannot consume due to our religious laws, and it can be quite a fuss to find halal food in shopping centers and hawker centers despite Malaysia being a Muslim country.

Attending parties can be troublesome as well. We often find ourselves feeling bad for the hosts, as they have to go through the trouble of making sure all the food at the party is Halal for our consumption. I personally wish that every food (except pork) were Halal.

Often, we find ourselves wishing that more foods were produced with a Halal variant so that we Muslims can try the many delicious junk food or snacks that we cannot consume.

However, a new product has just been introduced to the market- Halal bottled water.

Lumin Spring International Group Sdn Bhd has launched the world’s first premium Halal mineral water for a refined taste of wellness.

The bottled water is certified by the Health Ministry and the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to be safe for consumption.

Speaking during a press conference at Nexus, Bangsar South, Lumin International Group Sdn Bhd executive director Datuk Dr Ting Chung Cheng hopes the new product will redefine the business frontier for the halal market.

“We intend to enter the global halal market with our new product.

“The accreditation from Jakim opens a new market and more opportunities for us,” he said.

Lumin Spring mineral water is sourced from the natural spring cluster in Heavenly-Lake, Changbai Mountain of Jilin province, China.

Joining the green movement, Lumin Spring also incorporated environmentally-friendly features in its gold-tinted water bottle, which is fully biodegradable and made from non-toxic materials.

Matching the tropical climate of Malaysia with high temperatures throughout the year, the heat-resistant mineral water bottles are able to withstand up to 150°C for a sustainable shelf life.

The Lumin Spring mineral water is expected to be priced between RM6 and RM6.50 and is available at exclusive partners of the company and online purchase at www.luminspring.com.my in December.

I’m sure that Muslims and non-Muslims alike will be laughing at this overpriced bottled water. Everyone might think that water is already essentially Halal.

However, water can be halal or haram, the reason is that bottled water can come in contact with materials made from pork or dead animals, as well as some added ingredients. For example apple juice is clarified with gelatine, but this is never mentioned in the ingredients list. Knowing that gelatine is generally made from pork the apple juice would be in this case haram.

Bottled water goes through extensive processing and treatment including purification, filtration, and sometimes mineral adjustment, chlorination, fluoridation or ozone treatment, in order to make it safe for human consumption. During this process it may come in contact with chemical materials potentially derived from pork or dead animals.

Still, paying RM6.50 for a bottle of water is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Source : The Star 

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