CATS ARE SUCH CUTE ANIMALS. But they can also be weird at the same time, sitting and stretching and posing in such weird positions. Sometimes I wonder, what exactly are they even thinking? But who doesn’t love looking at cute cat poses, right? So here’s some to share of cats all over the world. Your cat might be doing the same poses too!

1. A cat stretching his legs out while having dinner. How weird!

This Is My Friends Cat Eating Dinner

2. Is he trying to be a towel for his owner?

This Is How My Friend Found The Cat In The Bathroom

3. I guess this cat is constantly up to something naughty and is caught red-handed! “My hands is up, don’t shoot!”

So My Friends Cat Does This

3. Looking so feminine and ladylike. This cat always sits in this same posture according to the owner.

For Some Reason My Sisters Cat Sits Like This Everyday

4. A circus cat, perhaps?

Cats Are Weird

5. How many cats does it take to fix a lightbulb?

How Many Cats Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

6. AWWWW. this is just too cute. A cat curling up!

Just My Cat Doing Weird Cat Things

7. This is how a cat owner’s cat begs for food. Wow, so human like and polite.

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This Is How My Cat Begs For Food

8. Hi, my name is Laquisha, and I’m a pole dancer!

Pole Dancer

9. A standing two-legged cat.

George Is A Cat That Prefers To Stand On 2 Legs

10. Err…. is she trying to squat??

I've Never Seen A Cat Sit Like This Before

11. “Check out my sexy legs!”

How My Cat Dave Was Laying. He Does This All The Time

12. “I’m just so done with life!”

Office Cat

13. “My Japanese cat loves to sit near my rice cooker and smell the steam of freshly cooked rice.- Owner” This cat must be doing some facial cleansing. LOL

My Japanese Cat Loves To Sit Near My Rice Cooker And Smell The Steam Of Freshly Cooked Rice

14. Cats are weird…. SO WEIRD!

Cats Are Weird

15. “He sat and stared at me like this for a minute before I took the picture. Weirdo! – Owner” HAHAHA not sure if his trying to seduce another cat. but FAILED!

He Sat And Stared At Me Like This For A Minute Before I Took The Picture. Weirdo

16. This cat likes getting stacked up with things. LOL

My Cat Lets Me Stack Things On Her Belly

17. This cat always likes to sit on its butt.

My Cat Always Sits On His Butt

18. He can’t drink out of a bowl like every other normal cat.

Why Can't He Just Drink Out Of The Bowl Like A Normal Cat?

19. “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

20. Sleeping Buddha

Sam Is Our "weeping Buddha"

Share with us your weird cat poses too! We’ll love to see them!

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