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4 Japanese Laws, You Never Knew About That Exists

So, if you’re planning to travel to Japan and be a foreigner that is unfamiliar with the rules and regulations there, here’s a list of things that you might not have known. Here are the 4 laws you did not know! Their laws are different from other countries, and according to Insider, they did some research of some of the country’s surprising laws.

1. Medications over the counter that are legal in the US are illegal in Japan. 

Well, if you’re bringing your medication to Japan, make sure the prescription is up to date from the doctor.

Although the Japanese law only allows Americans to bring a two month supply, but there are still an amount that is not legal in Japan. Any product that contains a stimulant (pseudoephedrine) is illegal, and this includes inhaler and sinus and allergy medications such as Sudafed.

Well, you can’t exactly figure out which medications are legal in Japan, as the Japanese consulate and embassy in US does not have the full list of the medications that are illegal and legal in Japan yet.

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So if you’re bring any medicines, be sure to bring a prescription from your doctor and explain the purpose of the medication when stopped.

Source: wiseGEEK

2. Foreigners must have their passport on them at all times.

If you’re in Japan, you’ll need to hold on to your passport everywhere you go.

This is because the Japanese Law allows any police to stop you anywhere and anytime on the street to see an identification.

Be careful, if you’re caught you could be arrested!

Source: CNN Money

3. Drinking on the street is legal in Japan

In most countries, even Malaysia, drinking on the streets could be illegal. As public disturbances and social problems are feared to happen when people get drunk on the streets. In fact,the police is capable of questioning you and stopping you from drinking in public.

However, this law does not exist in Japan. You are free to drink on the streets and it’s legal! There are even vending machines that offers beer and sake. Even their traditional festivals involve drinking in public. During Hanami,participants enjoy picnics and drinks under the blooming cherry blossoms.

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But of course, when you’re drinking in public be sure to keep your attitude and behaviour in check.

Source: hello-pet.com

4. Smoking is allowed indoors in most restaurants and bars, but not everywhere outdoors.

Smokers out there, we have good news! Smokers are often not allowed to smoke indoors as there’s air-conditioning, and to avoid non-smokers from inhaling and smelling like tobacco.

But in Japan, smokers get to enjoy the luxury of smoking almost anywhere in Japan, even inside and outside.Tobacco is said to be cheaper than in other countries, and has been pretty prevalent, according to the Insider. However, it is illegal to light up in some urban public spaces. This also includes, places not only on the streets but also in restaurants and bars which have designated areas for smokers and non smokers.

Source: South China Morning Post

So, here are the 4 facts you never knew about! So are you prepared for your trip to Japan yet? 


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