70-Year-Old Grandmother Cuts Sugar 28 Years Ago Shows Off Bikini Body - The Coverage

70-Year-Old Grandmother Cuts Sugar 28 Years Ago Shows Off Bikini Body

More often than not, we consume too much sugar for our own good. I’m not talking about organic produce that already comes with sugar, I’m talking about added sugars like sucrose and high fructose corn syrup as they’re a whole bunch of calories with no essential nutrients.

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This is why seventy-year-old Carolyn Hartz, the mother-of-three, and grandmother-of-four gave up sugar 28 years ago. Apparently, she found out that she was pre-diabetic, this is why she made the decision to stay away from sugar.

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However, Carolyn was a sugar addict, but having to give up sugar altogether, she thought about using alternatives which will still allow her to enjoy her favorite cakes and sweet treats, and so, she uses xylitol, a sugar alternative.

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The hot Australian grandma is also the author of ‘Sugar Free Baking Cookbook’. In her book, she has a ton of recipes for sugar-free desserts that people can enjoy without feeling guilty about the amount of sugar used!

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Carolyn hopes that her lifestyle and the recipes she shared in her book will be able to inspire people to make healthy changes to their diet.

However, the internet is somehow not convinced that Carolyn only has her strict diet to thank for her great body. Some people believed she went under the knife or had Botox to look much younger than her actual age.

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As most women would swear that it would be hard to shed off the post-baby weight and even stay in shape, especially women who are over 40.

Carolyn thinks otherwise as long as you work hard for it!

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She told Daily Mail that making the right food choices is important to stay in shape.

“We know our metabolism slows down as we get older it just means we have to take control and make healthier choices and work a little harder. I believe it is very important to be aware of the type of food you eat and the quantity of food you eat. Being mindful while you are eating is a huge factor.”

Source: Daily Mail

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Despite Carolyn’s advice on diet and healthy food choices, some still mocked her for her sugar-free diet claims.

One person commented,

“There’s no way at 70 her eyebrows would be that high, is she going to talk about her surgery? Botox must be sugar free.”

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I believe that as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise and clean eating, you can get a good body shape! You must be disciplined and strict to yourself in order to achieve your goal! 

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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