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8 Signs That Someone Has Gone From Friend To Frienemy

One of the hardest things in life is having to face a friend that you thought were forever going to be friends with turn into your frienemy. It’s like you were living a lie all these years, but yes people change.

What is a frienemy?

Well, according to the urban dictionary, they are known as an enemy that pretends to be your friend.

We’re sure many of you have faced these situations especially when you’re growing up. Right? But if you’re unsure if your friendship is turning into a frienemy, then we suggest you look out for these signs:

1. Their support now comes with conditions 

Most of the time they expect, something in return or they give you an unhappy face like they’re forced to be there because you want them there to do something for you. And yes, that really hurts. Most of the time you will not have that idea, probably because you might expect them to be busy and unable to be there to support you, but an ongoing excuse is clearly obvious they’re no longer interested to be friends as much.

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2. They ghost you out regularly

Well, this happens when your friend’s MIA seems like it’s done on purpose. When you’ve already clearly told them that this event or a celebration is on this day, and then out of nowhere they skip these plans and they’re no longer like they used to be, attending every single invite that you have invited them to.

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3. You don’t trust them anymore 

This is when you realize that your friend is no longer a person you can trust with your secrets and have your back when you need them most. They would not even make an effort to do something small or thoughtful to make your day. Or probably also because they don’t trust you any longer and believed other people’s stories easily about you and instantly cuts you off. From there, your secrets told will also be revealed in a gossip session.

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4. They have stopped apologizing 

When you were close friends, they’re always apologizing for every little thing that they do wrong, even the things like being 1 minute late for your meet-up session. But now even the biggest mistakes done, is not apologized for. And this is when you know it’s time to call it a wrap on this bond-turned-burden.

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5. They are passive aggressive.

A friend that is no longer a friend but a frienemy will always express themselves with hurtful things and indirect meanings that are meant for you to others. Like conveniently leaving you out of a party invite, or giving backhanded compliments or they are not exactly excited for your success and just pretends like they are.

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6. They constantly get mad at every little thing you say 

This might be one of the reasons they want to use to break-up with your friendship, hence they start throwing tempers, getting angry at the simplest things or even getting annoyed at everything you say about them even if it’s just a small advice.

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7. They get mad when you don’t do things their way

Yes we’re friends but it does not mean that every decision needs to be made by you, right? It has to be a give-and-take relationship. Sometimes if you’re busy and you need to cancel a plan, but they can’t accept that because it is their decision to have dinner today without understanding your needs.

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8. They are full of themselves

When you’re talking about something regarding yourself and you’ve been wanting to share it with them, they just cut you off and start their own story. OUCH! That’s only because  they are probably not interested in your life anymore but instead they would want to talk about theirs.

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You don’t need these people in your life disrespecting you and bringing you down, it’s just toxic. And please don’t always overlook this over your shoulders just because you treat them as your friend and try to accept it. Friendship works both ways and the other person should be doing the same for you too. Or else it’s time to accept the fact, that you guys are now just frenemies.


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