China: 7-Year-Old Gymnast Will Make You Question The Existence Of Your Muscles - The Coverage

China: 7-Year-Old Gymnast Will Make You Question The Existence Of Your Muscles

As much as we’d loved to have a ripped body with a six pack and tight biceps, we find it hard to go on a diet in Malaysia. Given the variety of food and the spices which make food so flavorful, we always give up on our diet.

But a 7-year-old boy from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province defeat all odds and has gone viral for his eight-pack abs and big biceps. The boy Chen Yi, was recruited by a local gymnastics school at the age of five, where he currently goes through intense physical training and only returns home every weekend.

Source: Next Shark

The youngster was called “ultimate muscle boy” after photos of him were posted on social media about a recent gymnastic competition he competed in on July 2 in Hangzhou, which he ended up taking home medals in all of the game events, including six gold medals and one silver medal.

Source: Shanghaiist

People of the internet were worried for the boy as footage of children being forced to do gymnastics went viral several years ago, but Chen Yi told a local reported that he actually liked taking part in gymnastics because it made him look cool.

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The recent event was part of the 19th Hangzhou City Sports Games, which saw around 50 young athletes participate.

Source: Next Shark

Chen Yi’s mother, Zhang Hongyu describes her son as an athletic prodigy who could do one-arm pull-ups at the age of two. He had been strong since birth, weighing almost nine pounds, and began walking when he was only 11 months old.

Zhang said it was the first time Chen Yi has ever attended a formal game and she was so proud of his performance.

Source: Next Shark

Though he does have some competition for the title of China’s most ripped 7-year-old, he is still very fit and cheerful. I wouldn’t want my child (if any) to be in a fight with him, my child will immediately lose, look at those abs and muscular biceps!

(Source: Next Shark / Shanghaiist)






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