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Don’t Wait For Cupid: Get Your Crush To Notice You Today!

Crushes and infatuations are a part of life. All of us experience them all the time.

Sometimes, it’s just a little crush that lasts a few minutes after a fleeting glimpse on the street. And at other times, it’s a bigger crush that stays in your heart for several months, especially if you work or study together.

Getting a crush on someone or falling for them is the easy part. But getting their attention and making them fall for you? Well, that’s definitely tricky.

Wondering how you can get your crush to notice you? Use these tips here, and you’ll even be able to get your crush to like you back within a few days! Good luck!

Step 1: Getting Noticed

1. Spend extra time on your appearance.

Take the extra 10 or 15 minutes you need to look your absolute best before you see your crush. Even just small things can change you from someone in the background to someone who catches their attention. Not only can looking your best make your crush notice you, it can also give you the confidence boost you need to approach your crush.

2. Look different.

Dressing differently than the people around you is a good way to get noticed. This works especially well if you are in an environment where everyone dresses in a similar way.

3. Wear red.

If red is your color, go for it. Studies show that both genders are more attracted to people when they wear red. Pull out a red dress or shirt from your closet to get your crush’s attention. If you don’t like wearing red, choose another bright color to help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Don’t go overboard with your outfit.

When trying to impress a crush, it’s easy to take it too far. You want to look nice, but remember to wear clothing that’s appropriate for the situation. For instance, if your crush is in your yoga class, don’t dress for class like you’re headed to the red carpet. Remember that everything is better in moderation. This goes for perfume and cologne as well.

5. Make sure your crush has seen you around.

Do your best to be in the line of sight of your crush. If you are in the same class, try to sit near or in front of him/her. If you see him at the gym, work out nearby. Do this until you are sure that your crush has seen you and knows that you exist.Don’t do it to the point where you’re around your crush more than you should be. There’s a difference between making sure your crush sees you around and stalking your crush.

6. Get more involved.

Get involved in whatever space you see your crush. If you go to school with your crush, join a sports team or an extracurricular activity. If you volunteer with your crush, take on more hours. Becoming more involved will make you more visible and show you as a person with drive and purpose, which are both attractive qualities

Step 2: Making Contact

1. Meet your crush’s friends.

If you’re too nervous to talk to your crush, try to talk to his/her friends. If a friend of yours knows one of your crush’s friends, go up together and chat. If you don’t have any connections to your crush’s friends, try to meet one or two of them by chatting about any circumstances you have in common, like a class or a work project

2. Flirt non-verbally.

If you feel nervous about approaching your crush, there are several things you can do to get his/her attention and appear interested. Make eye contact and smile. Eye contact and smiling shows that you are friendly and approachable, but you have to make sure not to overdo it. If your crush doesn’t respond the first time, don’t keep doing it.

3. Start a conversation.

If you’ve never spoken to your crush before, it’s time to take the plunge. Find a reason to talk to your crush, preferably when there aren’t many people around so you won’t get interrupted. If you don’t know your crush, talk about something relating to the circumstances that you’re in. For instance, if you are waiting in line for something, ask your crush, “Hey, do you think the wait is worth it?” If you are in the break room at work you could say, “Have you tried the cookies Susan brought in? They’re really good!”

4. Talk about common interests.

Once you have started talking to your crush, talk about anything you may have in common. People are naturally attracted to people that they have things in common with, so talking about shared passions is a good way to create a bond. For instance, If are both on the school track team, ask your crush “So how are you feeling about the next track meet?”

5. Ask your crush about herself/himself.

Asking your crush a question shows her that you find him/her interesting and want to learn more about her. Since people like to talk about themselves, it also can be a good way to keep the conversation going. For example, ask your crush, “So how long have you been working here?”, or, “What other classes are you taking this semester?”

6. Be a good listener.

After you’ve asked your crush about himself/herself, you may be worrying about what you are going to say next, how you are going to respond to what he/she is saying, what to do if there is a lull in the conversation… all of this can be solved by listening. It’s difficult to listen to someone and also focus on how nervous you are — listening attentively should take your attention away from yourself and bring it to the subject at hand.

7. Compliment your crush.

As superficial as it is, people love flattery. While you are talking, try to compliment your crush on something. A compliment is also often a good way to keep the conversation going because it puts it on a new course.

8. Laugh at her/his jokes.

Another way to flatter and connect with your crush is to laugh at his/her jokes. It shows your crush that you have a similar sense of humor and that you find him/her funny. Laughing together is a great way of connecting and sharing a moment.

9. Stay in contact.

Try to keep running into and talking to your crush. Every time you see your crush in the hall or around town, say hello. Pick up conversations from the last time you talked. If you feel like your crush likes you, amp up your flirtiness or even ask him/her out!

Step 3: Being Yourself 

1. Define your style

Take a look at your wardrobe. Make sure that all your clothes feel like you, and aren’t just things that you’ve had for years and can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Your clothes are a great way to express yourself and show off your personality. If you have a very defined style, it can give your crush some idea of who you are and what you’re about, which could make your crush interested in talking to you.

2. Speak your voice.

Make yourself heard when your crush is around. If you are in a class with your crush, participate and answer questions. Voice your opinions and feedback in work or club meetings. Even just try to chat with friends around your crush. This will give your crush a better idea of what kind of person you are

3. Use social media.

Social media is a great way to reach your crush in an indirect way. Even if your crush isn’t your Facebook friend or isn’t following your social media, he/she still may see your posts or pictures through mutual friends

4. Use confident body language.

Even if your crush makes you feel nervous, do your best to act confident. Stand up straight with a relaxed smile. Don’t cross your arms, look down at the ground or fidget; these behaviors can make you look protective or nervous. Also try to keep your body turned toward your crush as opposed to away from her/him.


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