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DRY STEPPERS as raincoats for your shoes

So glad to be living in this era, where super cool things are created to make our lives so much easier. So what’s so cool this time, it’s dry steppers. If you’re wondering what is it, you’ll see.

Dry steppers are basically raincoats for your expensive shoes. It is to protect your shoes from getting wet when it’s raining. I’m sure there was a time, you wore your best outfit, and you were ready to head out in your nice expensive Yeezy shoes, and suddenly it decided to rain, and it breaks your heart staring at all that mud and water seeping through your shoes, not being able to do anything about it. So here’s a chance for you to protect it!

Dry Steppers is a waterproof sheath that are like tiny raincoats for your feet. You’ll never have to run away from the rain to hide or try to cover your shoes with plastic bags again. It is rain and snow resistant (meant for countries with snow too) and are the best solution for soggy socks dilemmas! It’ll keep your feet forever happy and dry for only $20 USD. It’s so cute that the covers are matched according to the shoes you have and wish to cover.

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Dry Steppers is available for worldwide shipping across all countries. But it can also be purchased online through international websites such as Hypebeast or Amazon. However, if you would like the asian version which is similar to Dry Steppers, you can purchase it on Lazada for only RM26.

If you love your shoes a little too much, then it’s time you get this! It’s so easy and convenient.

Here’s some cool pictures that you can check out:


Drysteppers Keep Sneakers Dry

This is the coolest way to keep your sneakers clean and dry.

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