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Every Great Adventure Starts With A Few Misfit Travel Buddies! Which One Are You?

Don’t we all just love to travel? What’s even better than to discover new places? Obviously is to have your best buddies tagging along on your adventure!

Having said that, we don’t dare to conclude that all journey would be smooth but we can say that it will be worth the ride. Never two friends are alike, so we have come up with types of friends that either liven up our journey or turn them into complete disasters (well not really but you get the idea, right?).

1. The Lazy Bum

If there was ever an ant who doesn’t like to do anything, well this person would be fit for the role! All they do is ‘taichi’ their responsibilities to others and sometimes they’d even use the lamest excuses.
“Eh, I forgot to tell you-lah! I haven’t sent my car for service yet, so I cannot drive leh…Bro, you drive-lah since you got that new Jazz also. And I heard that Susan also was eyeing for a ride in your car. Win-win situation bro! Can drive us all to Penang while looking cool and win the girl’s heart!”

2. The Doraemon

This person is practically the group’s saviour and probably is the one who plays the “Mommy” role. You name it, this person has everything in their bag including band-aids, mosquito repellent, medicinal creams, Panadol, lunch boxes and safety pins.
“Jenny, how ar?! I accidentally broke the hotel’s table and Jason while trying to help me fix it injured his fingers!”
“Aiya, don’t worry! Small matter only…Nah…go help Jason medicate his wounds with this first aid kit and let me go take my toolbox to fix that table.”
By the way peeps, please don’t break any of the hotel’s belongings…you might end up scrubbing toilet bowls for a week just to payback.

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3. The DJ

This person lits up the vibe probably better than Tiesto himself. Joking! But don’t be surprised if he or she decides to bring along their turntable and woofers. We do have crazy friends like that.

“Oi! Oi! Don’t touch that player! Let me show you what a real DJ does…get ready to party hard!” *Takes out phone…connects Bluetooth* *Big Bang- Bang Bang Bang plays in the background*

4. Mr/Ms Never On Time

This kind of friend thinks that he or she is a freaking royalty descend or some sort. It seems like time will only wait for them. We will never know what goes behind their doors, either they are walking through a million-dollar wardrobe to pick out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or they got stuck in their toilet.

Punctual Friend: “Bro, what on earth were you doing lah?! Why take so long? I wait for you till my beard also grow 1cm already!”

Always Late Friend: “Aiyah bro, sorry lah. You know lah, I need to go to the toilet and do my morning business, then need to find nice clothes ma, if not how to attract the pretty girls later?”

5. The Foodie

This person gives us all the joy on earth as they are busy leading us to eat gourmet-like meals that are just so good for the taste buds and tummy. Just name any food and this person will bring you to the best restaurant.

Hungry Friend: “Babe, I am so hungry! But I don’t know what to eat…I am like craving for cheese, some spice, a cooler and some meat….ughhhh…hungry~~~~~~”

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Genius Foodie: “No worries babe! I got your back…let’s go here, they serve a super mean dish with a lava of cheese and they have beef, chicken, and lamb…plus I tasted their jalapeno sauce before it’s the bomb!”

6. The Freeloader

Ironically, this person is the kind that will want anything and everything with a cherry on top but will refuse to pay or bare very minimum cost with the lamest excuses they can find.

Freeloader: “Hey, Lisa! Didn’t you just get your new Jazz? You should totally drive down south this time…plus we can bring all the camping stuff too since your car has space.”

Lisa: “Wait a minute we can totally use your MPV too, you know!”

Freeloader: “No…no! I can’t! I haven’t sent my car for service yet and you know lah, I am on a budget ma.”

7. The Everything-Must-Go-My-Way

It’s good that you have a planner in the team but it kills the joy when they start to dictate every single move, plan, or diversion that the rest of the members have. Especially when it’s for something personal, doesn’t it just make wanna you grit your teeth?

The Selfish Perfectionist: “Hey, we soooo need to go to this spot…I bet it will be really fun for all of us!”

Clueless Friend: “But isn’t this place filled with girly stuff?”

The Selfish Perfectionist: “Don’t argue with me…just FOLLOW ME!”

8. The Let-Me-Take-A-Selfie Addict

Gosh, probably in another way you could label him/her as an anti-social person. These people are constantly glued to their smartphones and needless to say that they are also the ones who will ‘keep’ us away from our meals.

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*Arrives at the cafe* “Wait! Let me take a picture first!”

*Arrives at the shopping mall* “Hey, help me take a picture”

*Arrives at the toilet* “Hey, let’s take a selfie!”

9. The Storyteller

It’s all fun times when you bring this buddy along as there would be endless laughter even when you know that they are making things up. Of course, what’s a trip without some ghostly stories to be shared, right?

Ghost Whisperer: “Guys you know what? This place has a very chilling history, do you want to listen to the story?”

The Rest Of The Group: “No, dude! Keep it to yourself!”

Ghost Whisperer: “Okay, so at this very walkway it was recorded in history that it has witnessed a massacre of the witches…bla bla bla”

Does any of this travel buddies ring a bell to you? Tag that friend to let them know how useful or annoying they are during trips.

Travelling is always fun when it’s in a group since there is always a blend of personalities to hype the journey up. Also, having friends who are from different walks of life, you wanna make sure that you have ample space for all of everyone’s junk, luggage and souvenirs.

Wait, if we are talking about ample amount of space how does a Jazz comes into the picture? Well, if you did not already know, Jazz actually has the Ultra Seats which allows you to shift and make space according to your needs.

Don’t believe us? Then check this out:

So, who’s up for a trip?

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