PICTURES: Japanese Cheeky Hamster T-Shirt Bulges in Accordance to Your Body Shape - The Coverage

PICTURES: Japanese Cheeky Hamster T-Shirt Bulges in Accordance to Your Body Shape

Just when you think t-shirt had reached the peak of design epitome, Japan came out with an adorable eye-popping t-shirt that would look different on every wearer.

The designers of this shirt claimed that it was “born of a desire to show the appeal of hamsters,” but we are pretty sure that desire expanded elsewhere too.

It’s designed by Japan’s Mocolle who is known for its high-concept and unique apparel. The company’s name is a fusion of two words “mousou” (“delusion” of “fantasy”) and “collection,” thus Mocolle has a reputation for fanciful fashion crossovers as shown in their past work: Lolita maternity wear and Shinto shrine maiden swimsuit.

This time around, Mocolle has taken out cultural references from their work and stick it to the basic. Some might say that they have perfected the basic and a new genre of attire is born. This cheeky hamster stuffing a sunflower seed is adorable and the genius behind it is that it would look different from one wearer to another.

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There are people who always ask “does this dress make me look fat?”, but this t-shirt by Mocolle is meant to make a part of it looks fat. Well, some might argue that the fatter it gets, the cheekier, cuter and sexier it gets. Yes, all these opposing qualities can come together from one t-shirt.

Mocolle came out with two designs: the ever-popular golden/Syrian hamster or the gray Djungarian breed. It sure is a good conversation starter to let your friends know what kind of hamster is jutting off your chest.

The designs were modeled by cosplayer Saki Miyamoto and she has worn the t-shirt into full effect. Because the drawing of the hamster is positioned high on the shirt, its cheek pouches align with the wearer’s chest, which really makes the illustration pop, so to speak.

While Miyamoto was able to slay in the simple t-shirt, it’s unclear that if a wearer requires a prodigious chest to pull off the 3-D effect,  or it’s designed to self-provide a visual augmentation like a breast-enhancing optical illusion.

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The t-shirt went on sales in Japan last summer on Campfire, a crowdfunding website that allows independent businesses to raise fund for their projects on the platform.

Of course, Mocolle’s project was very well-received by the people. It has received 71% over the target with a total 394,630 yen (approx RM14,300) at the end of the campaign run.

According to Japan Insides, backers that support the campaign can get the t-shirt for 3,850 yen (approx RM140).


What do you think of this t-shirt? Will it be the simplest yet most alluring t-shirt one could ever find? Let us know what you think of this at the comments below.

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