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Fight Social Media Addiction With These Tips To Get The Best Out Of Life!!

Believe it or not, many of us are addicted to social media, constantly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms without realizing it, even when nothing is updated sometimes we would just find ourselves in some stranger’s Instagram profile scrolling through an endless photo stream.

With so many people online these days, you feel like a social outcast if you’re not part of the social media bandwagon. Some social media users are addicted because it provides them a sense of social validation through all the likes and comments they get online. There is no denying the ego-boosting effect of getting tons of “likes” and “shares” for posts you’ve made available for the world to see.

Truth be told, social media isn’t a bad thing. It can inspire many new exciting, entertaining, and even money-making ideas much like Youtube stars and influencers. The problem occurs when you allow it to take over your life, you waste countless of hours documenting your life for everyone to see, or looking at trending pictures. You could spend your time doing more productive activities.

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Spending too much time on social media may lead to serious mental and social issues like social isolation and cognitive distorted discernment. The best solution to stop the addictive would be to delete everything.

There is a list of things you can do to stop yourself in indulging in social media:

1. Limit social media accounts – Reduce the number of accounts you have on social media platforms, you no longer need to feel pressured to come up with photos or thoughts to share and you’ll be spending less time logging in daily.

2. Remove social media apps from your smartphone – Logging in through your desktop computer at home where you have WIFI will help you save your data consumption and money too!

3. Turn off instant pop-up or badge notifications – Every time your phone alert buzzes, you’re more likely to check your phone and unconsciously browse through social media platforms.

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4. Establish a tech-free time and zones at home – Banning all gadgets from the dining table or during meal ensures that you to engage in face-to-face interactions. This allows you to spend quality time and live in the moment instead of being distracted by your phone or alerts.

5. Get a new (offline) hobby – You would want to consider picking up a new water sport so that you won’t be able to bring your phone out with you.

6. Be confident of what you post – Don’t get caught up at checking the number of likes you get after you posted a photo, it doesn’t matter if you have no ‘likes’, two ‘likes’ or over a gazillion ‘likes’, it shouldn’t matter what others think if you like the photo you posted.

7. Download apps or timers to block or resrick the use of social media – If you’re the type that can’t control themselves and needs a third party app to keep them incheck, you might wanna check up Offtime and Breakfree (both available on android and iOS) will help you limit your access to social media apps.

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8. Do it for the kids – Set a good example for your children, because they follow  what they see and if their parents are digitally distracted, they would be too.

Do your best to lessen your dependency on social media, be confident and spend your life meaningfully, and give your children or loved ones attention not your gadgets.

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