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The Colours On Bread Tags Actually Means Something, Here’s What They Are

If you already know this, that’s great! But we are stoked to know that the tags on loaves of bread we buy from the store actually means something! This could be a pretty neat tip if you want to get FRESH BREAD!

Have you ever wondered why those little plastic tags (G-lock) of bread loaves always come in different colours?

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Well, it actually indicates which day of the week the bread was baked! Oh, that makes sense!

The tags are divided into different colours to represent each day of the week. However, the colours do depend on the brand. The most common code most brands use are:

► Monday › Blue

► Tuesday › Green

► Thursday › Red

► Friday › White

► Saturday › Yellow

Gardenia, on the other hand, uses a slightly different set of colours to classify the freshness of their bread, as they bake bread 7 days a week:

► Monday › Tan

► Tuesday › Orange

► Wednesday › Yellow

► Thursday › Blue

► Friday › Green

► Saturday › Red

► Sunday › White

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With this information along with the expiry date, you can get the most out of your bread’s shelf life! Use this to your advantage! 

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