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Eating Steak Can Increase Your Risk of Bowel Cancer by 40 Percent


Meat is a beautiful thing. Any food lover and sane human being will tell you the same thing: that meat is heavenly and is a gift of flesh from God that can tantalize even the most satisfied of taste buds.

You obviously you won’t hear the same comment about meat from Vegans considering they dedicate their entire lives to a healthy but torment filled lifestyle.

But who listens to Vegans anyways?

Before any Vegans get butt hurt by that statement, understand that, that was a joke.

A recent study by scientists has shown that consuming a serving of steak a week drastically raises one’s risk of bowel cancer by 42%.

Bummer. I know. As a meat lover, I feel your pain.

Daily Mail claimed that the study, which was the largest of its kind, came to conclusion that consuming any sort of red and processed meat puts one’s self at risk for cancer.

These findings were released shortly after the World Health Organization classified meat as a group 1 Carcinogen, which puts it in the same class with alcohol, tobacco and arsenic. In layman’s terms, the World Health Organization came to a conclusion that meat is as harmful to your health as Vodka and cigarettes.

Talk about being the bringer of bad news, wow.

Epidemiology Professor Tim Key and Dr. Kathryn Bradbury of Oxford University conducted this research, which crushed the hearts of millions of meat lovers, by looking at the records of half a million men and women between the ages of 40 to 69 (Why 69 though? A bit sexual, eh?).

The participants of the survey filled out meticulously detailed questionnaires about their dietary habits and consumption of meat for a typical week over a four-year period from 2006 to 2010.

The results proved on paper that 1,503 of survey participants developed bowel cancer during that time. Adults who consumed red or processed meat four times a week were 42% more likely to develop cancer.

While a typical portion size for red and processed meat is about 70 grams, the portion sizes of common foods we eat are significantly bigger. A quarter pound burger is a whopping 200 grams, and a 10-ounce steak is pushing it at 284 grams.

The typical 70 grams portion size of meat is equivalent to either two slices of ham, two servings of bacon or one sausage. Eating two portions a week increases the chances of contracting bowel cancer disease by a fifth, according to the heartbreaking Oxford research.

Experts believe chemicals in red meat are harmful to cells in the digestive system, which may eventually lead to tumor growth. With that statement, processed meat puts individuals at heightened levels of risk because of its high fat and salt content and cancer-related additives.

Bowel cancer is the leading cause of death by cancer in the UK, where meat is consumed on a large amount on a daily basis, second only to lung cancer.

Leading researcher Key advised:

“Having your diet consists of purely meat will definitely bring you a higher than normal chance of developing cancer. A wise thing to do would be to incorporate plant-based proteins such as beans and fish into your diet.”

Mark Flannagan, chief executive of bowel cancer charity, Beating Bowel Cancer, warned that the evidence linking red and processed meat and bowel cancer were strong and un-ignorable. Hence, he recommends that everyone eat both in moderation.

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