Pandan Sponge Cake Is Named As Malaysia And Singapore's National Cake By CNN!! - The Coverage

Pandan Sponge Cake Is Named As Malaysia And Singapore’s National Cake By CNN!!

You know that fluffy pandan sponge cake that we eat growing up? A travel website of US news outlet CNN has now name the chiffon cake as Malaysia’s and Singapore’s national cake.

The chiffon cake is infused with green-colored juice from the pandanus palm, an ingredient as common as salt in Southeast Asian cooking. The radioactive hue of this cake belies its natural woodsy flavor.

The pandan leaf flavors everything from sticky rice, chicken, curry to super-sweet, bite-sized kueh. When married to fluffy-yet-moist chiffon cake, it’s a revelation!

Yes, our traditional cakes mostly have either pandan leaves in it or pandan extract, we basically grew up with it and we still love it!

Judges can’t decide if this pandan cake belongs to Malaysia or Singapore as they share the same spot for this cake, others highlighted the Southeast Asian origins of the cake, like many things and people in this region, it is the sum total that makes it special. So let’s say it is a favorite of the two countries!

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