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RM11 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet in Plaza Damas

These days, most Malaysians opt to cook their own meals and dine at home instead of going out to dine at eateries to save costs. This is due to the high costs of eating at restaurant that only seems to get more and more costly; especially since the implementation of the new taxation system (GST).

Despite so, some people are tempted to eat outside more as they save time cooking, and cleaning the dishes. Also, not unless your mother or wife is a 5-star chef that’s on par with Gordon Ramsey, the food served at restaurants are more likely to taste better than home-cooked meals.

However, we have come across a ‘golden nugget’ in this coalmine of expensive restaurants. A humble buffet-dining outlet in Plaza Damas- A Minor Place, offers great value-for-money meals- truly a streak of glimmering splendor for the everyday gluttonous food lover with shallow pockets.


Fried Chinese style vegetarian omelette – The Star

For only RM11, patrons can enjoy a free-flow of a variety of dishes that range from crabs, prawns and fish as well as chicken and pork. With almost 30 different dishes to choose from, patrons can pick anything to their liking without worrying about leaving a hole in their pockets.

The restaurant is popular amongst those of the working class within the area who can’t afford to feel the pinch of dining out, and companies that want to hold parties or functions without high costs.

The restaurant’s buffet line has up to 18 dishes with chafing dishes refilled as soon as a dish runs out.

The cooks do not repeat the dishes served in each serving, as they don’t want regulars to feel bored- so customers can expect 30 different dishes each day.

For example, when a certain chicken dish runs out, the cook will prepare another batch but will feature a different preparation style.

Kam Heong Crabs - The Star

Kam Heong Crabs – The Star

The portions per serving are also sizeable.

You might be happy to hear that this championing restaurant also does simply charity works as well.

Leftovers from the buffet line are packed and distributed to security guards in the area as the restaurant does not condone wastage, and unlike other eateries, they do not store leftovers to use the next day. The restaurant promises that they serve nothing but fresh food with flavors that stimulate your taste buds in the most artistic of ways. Anyone who has ever tasted their dishes will tell you that the restaurant holds true to their promise.


Clams – The Star

Now, back to the spread.

You may be expecting an array of deep fried food to be part of this restaurant’s buffet spread but you’d be surprised to know that the buffet spread consists of home-cooked-style fished like black vinegar pork, Bak Kut Teh, prawns and even fish head curry- a big score for those who want to enjoy a better-tasting version of their home-cooked meals.

Ingredients used for the preparation of the seafood was nothing less than fresh and meat dishes were cooked perfectly to the dot, with beautiful texture in the meat.

A mixture of two different chicken dishes - The Star

A mixture of two different chicken dishes – The Star

Most people who dine at economy rice shops tend to pick only a few dishes to avoid an expensive bill, but here, for the same price, patrons can eat all they want without feeling the pinch.

The restaurant also serves fried rice, fried noodle and white rice to go with your choice of dishes.

For dinner, the kitchen prepares soup to go with meals.

The restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly as the restaurant serves vegetables, tofu, eggs-based dishes, fried rice and noodles.

Also, every first and fifteenth day of the month of the Chinese calendar, the restaurant serves mock-meat as most Chinese temporarily go vegan during those times of the month.

Those who wish to grub out moderately can choose to order from the restaurant’s a la carte menu, which, we must say, is rather extensive with it’s many choices in dishes.

However, fear not, as the dishes from the a la carte menu is not expensive either. Most of the a la carte dishes like the Sang Har Yee Mee (fresh water prawn noodles), are almost half the price cheaper when compared to other eateries.

Some of the a la carte dishes - The Star

Some of the a la carte dishes – The Star


A Minor Place is also a pet-friendly restaurant that has hosted several birthday parties for pets in the past.

The restaurant can also be seen to be meticulous when it cam to cleanliness and hygiene. Germophobes who dine here are bound to feel comfortable.

Apart from the lunch and dinner buffet, from 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10pm respectively, the eatery also has a Dim Sum buffet served throughout the day.

Those opting for Dim Sum can enjoy about 50 choices for RM23 per person.

Though it may be buffet-style, the restaurant only prepares the Dim Sum dishes after an order is place, to ensure no wastage and to make sure that the dishes are served fresh and hot.

For diners dining alone or with a partner, they have little dim sum baskets with three fried items and 10 steamed items.

The restaurant even has a drive-through service, where motorists can drive up and pick up their orders.

A MINOR PLACE CAFE & BISTRO, Block G-0-11, Plaza Damas, 60 Jalan Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. (Tel: 03-6211 7418), Business hours: 8.30am to 10.30pm, daily. Non-halal.

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