[VIDEO] 212kg Bluefin Tuna Fish Gets Auctioned For RM2.8 Million!!! - The Coverage

[VIDEO] 212kg Bluefin Tuna Fish Gets Auctioned For RM2.8 Million!!!

JAPAN: A gigantic Bluefin tuna fish gets sold off for a whopping 74.2 million yen which equivalents to approximately RM2.8 million, in order to stabilise plunging Pacific stocks.

During this year’s first auction at the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, the 212kg fish that was caught off the coast of Oma in northern Japan was bought by Kiyomura, who is an operator of the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain.

According to TheGuardian, the first auction is always the highly anticipated event as it becomes a marketing opportunity to boost sales for the rest of the year for these restaurants.

Apparently, this was the second highest bid since the market started keeping records in 1999. So far, a man by the name of Kiyoshi Kimura still holds the 1st position with his highest bidding of 155.4 million yen that’s like RM6 million for a tuna!

From global statistics, about 80% of the global bluefin caught is being consumed in Japan. The fish is usually served as sashimi and sushi. A slice of a fatty cut from the fish’s underbelly, Otoro, can bill up to several thousand yen at high-end restaurants in Tokyo. That’s cray cray right?

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Oh well, we all love our sushis and sashimis anyways…so who is up for a trip to Tokyo to indulge in the local’s cuisine?

Take a look at the video below!


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