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Global Survey Reveals Malaysians the Oldest to Lose Virginity and Among the Least Sexual Satisfied Country

This is something our parents would be proud of but we lament about, the enduring age before losing virginity.

In Durex 2012 Global Face of Sex survey, we are ranked the oldest country to lose virginity at the age of 23.7 averagely.

malaysia oldest to lose virginity
Source: The Sun

Following behind is Indonesia at 23.6, placing at the 33rd spot is Singapore while Brazil, Colombia, and Austria are the top three at the age of 17.

It’s not surprising that Asian countries were positioned at the bottom of the list as we are known to be more conservative than the Westerners.

The survey was conducted in 37 countries across the globe.

weak sexual prowess
Source: cosmopolitan

When asked how sexually satisfied Malaysians are, the results show only 38% of Malaysians are satisfied as the loss of romance and sexual prowess are key factors for the lack of sexual satisfaction. Yes, sexual prowess. We got no skills, boys and girls. Oops, I mean men and women (since we only have sex at 23-year-old).

We rank in the bottom eight countries of least sexually satisfied countries. Whereas for our age of receiving sexual education, we are the second last country at 15-year-old, last being India while top countries receive sex ed at 12-year-old.

However, when looking into the details, it is reported that 74% of Malaysians are having sex at least once a week. That put us in the top 10 list at the 7th spot—the only two Asian countries on the list, another being China at the 4th spot.

malaysian's having sex weekly
Source: Malaysian Digest

On the flip side, Malaysia was one of the countries that practiced safe sex, ranking of 13th among 37 countries. 54% of respondents in Malaysia said they were more likely to use a condom the first time they had sex and 67% said they had never experienced an unplanned pregnancy—putting us at the second lowest in the South-east Asian region.

Do you think the finding reflects the truth? Speak up and tell us in the comments below.

Source: The Star, Malaysia Digest, The Sun



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