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Guy Arrives First In The Cinema Shocked By “It” Clown

As you know, the horror movie It has currently just been released in Malaysia and also other parts of the world. It has been a hit ever since and we’re pretty sure everyone’s going to be dressed up as clowns this coming Halloween, are you? The clown has been everyone’s nightmare especially for those 80s and 90s babies that has watched the older version way before.

Director Andy Muschietti created this new version of Stephen King’s novel ‘It’ and it has been terrifying people even before the film even starts just by watching the trailer. It’s amazing how much they’ve earned from the movie even how scary it is, people are still wanting to watch it.

If you’ve haven’t watched it, be prepared for a horrible scary looking clown that eats kids. Yes, KIDS!

So back to the story, this English It fan Chris (@HG_Hohbes) was scared to death when he went into the movie theater to watch the horror flick, he was the first to head into the cinema with no one around yet, and guess what he saw… an unusual viewer seated inside the cinema.

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It was a spooky Pennywise wannabe that had crashed the movie. Freaked out by what he saw, Chris still took time to snap a few photos of his terrifying encounter and shared them on Twitter. OMG, what would you have done? Definitely scream and run, right?

He captioned in his post on Twitter,

“I’m first in the screen and this f**king guy’s just sitting there.”

Thanks to his post that went  viral instantly, he received up to 294,679k Likes and 126,417 retweets with all kinds of reactions from others. Most people were freaked out and there were a few that said they had encountered the same experience.

Source: Chris’s Twitter 

Source: Chris’s Twitter 

And that was not the end, so apparently the clown moved and was wandering around too. Holy crap!

Source: Chris’s Twitter 

The internet was going crazy seeing this happening, and people feared that Chris would not make it out, so the left really humorous comments in reply to his post, check it out!

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Don’t worry guys, Chris is safe and is not stuck in some sewer below since he tweeted this only after the movie!

Share with us what you think about the “It” movie. Did it scare you real bad?

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