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Diabetic Malaysian Teen Now Unable To Walk After Excessive Intake Of Carbonated Drinks Daily

Remember the times when your parents warned you in the past that you shouldn’t be drinking so many carbonated drinks and that it is unhealthy for you! How many of you actually listened to them, how many of you didn’t?

However, this teenager had to learn his lesson the hard way. Mahathir Mohammad, 13, from Melaka used to drink carbonated drinks on a daily basis ever since he was younger. With the excessive intake of sodas, he is now suffering from chronic diabetes for the past five years.

The young boy’s health deteriorated until the point that he has had to drop out of school, he even missed out on sitting for his UPSR examinations last year.

Mahathir told Sinar Harian:

“I love drinking carbonated drinks ever since I was little. There was a convenience store near my house that I would buy these drinks from every day. However, I had no idea this would happen to me a few years later.”

“In the beginning, I just had a small wound at the sole of my foot, but then, my foot kept getting more and more swollen and infected. It then began oozing pus and started to smell.”

Zaliha Mohd Zabidi, 44, Mahathir’s mother, brought up that her son’s legs were almost amputated when he was just 12 years old because doctors wanted to prevent severe infections from occurring.

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She told reporters:

“When the doctor told us about wanting to amputate his legs, I did not want to see my poor son, who was born normally, lose his legs.

“That was when I looked for other options to help my son recover. Thankfully, I found another doctor who managed to treat him properly, so his legs were not amputated in the end. We still bring Mahathir to this doctor for follow-up treatments.”

Though Mahathir received proper treatment and his legs were saved, his movements became limited ever since and can only crawl slowly around his house. Till this day, Mahathir’s wounds wound frequently discharge.

Zaliha added,

“If we have any event outside of the house, or if we need to take him to the clinic, he needs a wheelchair or special shoes.

“I want Mahathir to make a full recovery so he can go back to school with his friends.”

The teen’s predicament has since garnered the attention of Amir Hamzah Aziz, the director of Barisan Nasional’s service centre and Serkam district’s adun, Datuk Zaidi Atan.

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According to the service centre’s director, Mahathir needs proper support in order to become a functioning member of society who can be able to help his family in the future.

Amir Hamzah told Sinar Harian,

“We’re grateful to the Melaka Islamic Religious Council (Maim), who donated a wheelchair to the family and also the District Education Office (PPD), who allowed Mahathir to sit for his UPSR examinations next year.

“Now, this family is waiting for a People with Disabilities (OKU) allowance from the Community Welfare Department (JKM) as well as a special shoe donation. We hope these organizations cooperate to help make this teenager’s life easier.”

Remember not to drink sodas so often, once in a blue moon should be okay, but not every day and every meal. Plain water is the best drink to drink! Stay healthy and try your best not to bring diseases to yourself.

What’s your take on this?

(Source: Sinar Harian / WOB)

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