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Did You Know That Eating Rice Is Even Worse Than Drinking Sugary Drinks??!!

Yes! People! I hate to break it down to you but…eating rice especially white rice is one of the main reasons why many of us are diagnosed with diabetes. And health authorities are claiming that it is more potent than sweet soda drinks!

For Asians, it is not necessary to be obese then only to be diagnosed with diabetes according to Zee Yoong Kang, the chief executive of Health Promotion Board.

This is only because most of us consume 4 meals of rice, daily! Now, I have to admit it’s hard for me to survive a day without rice but here’s the harsh truth…starchy white rice can overload our bodies with blood sugar and heighten the risk of diabetes! Scary!

And after carrying out a research, the results were shocking cause for each plate of white rice eaten in a day and regularly, raises the risk of diabetes by 11%! Did you also know that on average Americans and Australians only eats five meals of rice in a week??!! How do they survive???

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Okay, don’t worry no one is asking you to give up on your rice intake, however, you should consider these healthier alternatives if you still want to stick to your rice diet.

1. Long grain white rice is way better than short grain. Like Basmati rice, for example.

2. Adding 20% of brown rice to your white rice helps to reduce the risk of diabetes by 16%.

3. Walk around for 15 minutes every day can cut the risk of death by diabetes by 4%.


Now, it doesn’t mean that rice is worse to consume than sodas, then you go ahead a jug down that cans of gas drinks! You should also cut those down and have it as a special treat instead!

Stay healthy people!

Source: Straits Times


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