Malaysian Man Left In Pain For A Week In South Korea With Serious Knee Injury - The Coverage

Malaysian Man Left In Pain For A Week In South Korea With Serious Knee Injury

Working illegally in a foreign country may guarantee you a higher pay, but it is extremely risky especially when you get injured on the job!

Afiq, a 22-year-old Malaysian man who is a diploma holder in marine studies chose to work in South Korea to earn more money.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Afiq had an accident that left him with a serious knee injury. What’s worse is that he did not receive immediate medical attention!

He told The Star Online,

“At first, my employers told me the hospital was not open due to a public holiday, so I had to bear with the pain for a week.

“Only after that did they bring me to hospital.”

His employers then reneged on their promise to pay his medical treatment cost, which reached KRW 9 million (RM33,737).

According to Afiq, his employers had earlier pledged to bear the costs of his treatment which include an operation but changed their minds after realizing that the amount would be high.

“They only paid for the medical checks and MRI, then told me to go back to Malaysia and return to work after I recover.

“I didn’t know my rights as a worker. I was only trying to survive the pain before returning to Malaysian.

“Life in South Korea is not as wonderful as depicted in the Winter Sonata series.”

It was reported that the graduate from a private institution was working in South Korea under a tourist visa.

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Source: Will Fly For Food

Fortunately, Afiq’s luck changed for the better when he bumped into a Malaysian human rights activist knowns as Hilmi at the Kampungku Restaurant in Myeong-Dong, Seoul, a few hours before he was scheduled to fly back to his homeland.

Hence, the activist advised Afiq to start a claim against his employers so that they will be held responsible for the accident, after all, it did happen at work!

Afiq stayed at a guesthouse run by the activist for two weeks and recently admitted to the hospital to undergo surgery with the cost borne by his employers.

Source: The Star

He added,

“If not for the chance meeting with the activist, I wouldn’t have known that my case could be contested in the Labour Court.”

We know that working overseas seemed to be a great chance to spread your wings, we encourage you to do so, but be sure to properly do your research on labour law of the country you’re planning to work in. Also, try not to work illegally overseas too, as there’s just too much hassle if you’re caught!

Live an honest life and you’ll be rewarded plentily! 

We pray for Afiq’s speedy recovery and that he would be able to obtain a working visa applied by his employers as he is a hard worker, we know this because his employers want him to return after he’s fully recovered. 

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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(Source: The Star)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joey Yon

    January 16, 2018 at 01:30

    I am not Asian but I have great regard and a very soft spot for South Korea and everything SK. Though I know things like this happen everywhere, even in my country USA, I was saddened to hear about Afiq’s situation.

    I hope this article brings attention to this global problem and that the SK employer will do right by this employee. Here in the USA we have a problem with illegal workers in this country also. It is caused by greedy employers hoping to get cheap labor because consumers also want to pay cheaper prices for the products. It is a vicious cycle that should not be allowed. Foreign workers need to educate themselves and enter the host country legally as well as learn about their obligations and their rights as foreign workers.

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