Italian Designer Handbag Brands Launched Handbags Worth RM1900 That Looks Like "Asian Market Bags" - The Coverage

Italian Designer Handbag Brands Launched Handbags Worth RM1900 That Looks Like “Asian Market Bags”

We all have seen all sorts of funny expressions by people especially when popular luxury designer brands produce an item that we can get here in Malaysia for like super cheap price at the “pasar malam.” Let’s see! First it was the Ikea looking designer bag, then it was the toilet slippers and there were more. This time, it’s a handbag that is made out of rattan, that most aunty’s in Asia carries to the morning or night market.

This time another Italian luxury brand, Marni did it again, designing cheap-looking Asian bags turning it into expensive ‘fashionable’ items. This label was founded in 1994, by Consuelo Castiglioni. Consuelo named the brand after her very own sister, Marni. The current designer for the brand is Fransesco Risso who used to design at Prada.

They recently launched a recent handbag collection that looks super familiar, especially for us Asian’s because it’s a rattan basket bag that is used by aunties to the market!

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Just look at it, don’t you think so?

Italian Luxury Handbags Looks Just Like Asian Auntie Baskets, Sells for RM1,900! - World Of Buzz

Source: SCMP

These colorful woven rattan baskets, has probably been used by our grandmother, mother, or even aunts at least once when they went to the ‘pasar malam’ for wet market shopping. Normally, it’s used to carry fishes, chicken, vegetables etc that is purchased at the market. It also is used for grocery shopping, carrying laundry from wash to the hangers and more.

So we’re wondering, who exactly is going to pay up to RM1900 for a bag like this at Marni, right?

World Of Buzz reported that,

Coconuts Bangkok said these bags range from USD$148 (approx. RM630) for the smallest arm candy to USD$449 (approx. RM1,900) for the biggest tote.

Woah, in Asia you can get this as low as RM20. But of course, no branded logo unless you stick it onto the bag and you’re good to go! Or maybe people would not even notice it without the logo after all.

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These are the Asian lookalike bags,

Source: Bangkok Coconuts

Similar right? Gosh.


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