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Malaysia, The 3rd Laziest Country In The World According To Stanford University Studies

So, Malaysia is the 3rd laziest country in the world according to the latest research by Stanford University. Shocking or expected?

Let’s see why Malaysians are lazy.

According to a new study done by Stanford University, it is seen that Malaysians only walks an average  of 3,943 steps a day whereas in Hong Kong, people walk up to 6,880 steps a day.

Source: Channel News Asia

Many of you must be thinking, how can they judge us based on the footsteps we take right? We feel the same way too! I think they should have done the experiment when Malaysian’s are shopping, we definitely can walk more! 

They conducted this study by using step-counters that were installed in smartphones like your iPhone and Android to track up to 700,000 people in 46 countries. Impressive! A professor by the name of Scott Delp was co-leading the research and he said that the study is 1,000 times more larger than the previous study they conducted on the human movement.

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The researchers found out that people walked similar amounts everyday in countries that are with less obesity. But, there were large gaps in between for those countries where people walked a lot and walked very little in countries of high rates in obesity.

Guys, if you want to lose weight, maybe here’s a start. You can always walk to work or probably home from work. 

Delp said,

“If you think about some people in a country as ‘activity rich’ and others as ‘activity poor’, the size of the gap between them is a strong indicator of obesity levels in that society.” 

If only we could walk as much as other countries, but we can’t not because we’re lazy but because it is sometimes unsafe and also the heat might kill us. Right? If half the population of Malaysia started taking steps to walk instead of driving, it would be a good thing for us too as there will be lesser traffic jams, accidents, obesity and even pollution. But Kuala Lumpur is definitely not walkable as much as the other countries out there.

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If you’d like to see the results tested for other countries, take a look at this mini chart by USA Today below:

Source: USA Today

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  1. Baby

    November 4, 2017 at 01:15

    It is comfortable to walk outdoors in most of the other countries listed in the article. In Malaysia, its more comfortable to travel by car even to go to shops nearby. The more comfortable it is to walk outdoors, the more people will walk outdoors. We only walk indoors, so our walking activity is halved, because there’s isn’t a need to walk too much in a building.

    Look at the other countries listed. They have proper & comfortable walking pavements, filled with beautiful sights along the way. We have improper, uncomfortable, bumpy, missing & narrow walking pavements. If you wanna fix one thing fix the sidewalks. They are improper, missing.

    Look at the other countries listed. Most of them have cooler, comfortable weather. Malaysia’s has blazing sun.

    Look at the other countries listed. In many of them, it is safe to walk at further distances all by yourself. In Malaysia, safety risks exist when you walk alone

    Because of these reasons, we will travel even to shops nearby by car instead of walking, limiting our walking activity. Additionally, there isn’t a need to walk too much inside a building.

  2. Shamsul Kamal Ismail

    November 4, 2017 at 17:12

    So the findings slotted us(Malaysians) as THIRD LAZIEST, but based on only ONE criterion! Big deal!
    While the total sample size is impressive, but the variables are not stated, nor the breakdown of sample to country distribution, and, probably dissimilar environmental conditions (time/season and place) were not even considered(?) i.e. Spring and Autumn versus Summer.
    I would rather conclude 1) that Malaysia is hot and humid, 2) that Malaysians are more concerned about air pollution, 3) that Malaysians have less time for “recreation” as they spent a lot of time daily navigating through congested roadways 4) that Malaysians live too far from their work places that they depend on motorised vehicles daily, or, 5) that Malaysians simply could afford to travel in their own vehicles!
    It’s a contradiction of some sort, this “research”?

  3. Angellaine

    November 6, 2017 at 23:38

    Please go and see the world and understand the logistics of each country prior making such analysis

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