Malaysian Woman Spends Less Than RM200 For Three Weeks Worth Of Meat For Six People - The Coverage

Malaysian Woman Spends Less Than RM200 For Three Weeks Worth Of Meat For Six People

With our uncertain economic conditions and high living cost in Malaysia, saving money and managing our expenditure is very important. One of the ways to save money is to cook and eat at home, however, another problem arises from that, the cost of shopping for groceries especially meat like chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, and squid that cost a lot.

By cooking at home, you are not only saving a ton of money, you and your children can eat healthily too! Did you know that there are ways and techniques that could help you save money when you’re shopping for your fresh meat?

Facebook user Fieya Badar shared some tips on her page and has garnered over 40,000 shares to help all mothers manage their family kitchen expenses.

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Believe it or not, Fieya only spent roughly around RM150-RM200 for 3 weeks for six people. When you buy things in bulk, you save more than you buy it daily. But the real question is how long can the fresh meat stay fresh? This is where Fieya’s tips for storing your meat come in handy, you can’t simply store the meat in the freezer without preparing them first.

For Fieya, it is extremely important to have a budget for groceries, this way you can save aside some cash for emergencies. Let’s look at Fieya’s tips on how to keep the meat FRESH!

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According to her post:


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1. If you buy meat like me, I would buy frozen meat roughly one kilo, that should cost around RM24. When I get home, I immediately cut up the meat. I’ll keep two containers with thinly sliced beef and one with beef cut into cubes. While you’re at it, you can think of recipes to cook with the meat!

2. Do not wash the beef. After you’re done cutting place the lid on and keep it in the freezer.

3. When you’re about to cook the beef, bring it out to defrost. Let it defrost by itself, DO NOT SOAK IT IN WATER. When it is ready to be cooked give it a nice wash. With this, your meat will remain tender and will be juicy!


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1. This depends on what fish you buy from the market. If it was me, I would buy whatever fish that still looks fresh and good on the counter. This time, I bought ikan temenung (Scombridae), ikan cencaru (Yellowtail Scad), and ikan siakap (Sea Bass).

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2. DO NOT fill up the container with water for the Yellowtail Scad and Sea Bass as they will lose their natural sweetness. The same applies to ikan tongkol (Mackerel & Tuna), ikan nyok nyok, stingray, and catfish. If I buy them in the morning, I would clean them once I get home and store them without water.

3. As for the Scombridae, sardine, and flatfish, gut the fish and clean it. Submerge the fish in water and store it in the freezer. When you’re going to cook it, let it defrost without soaking it in water, otherwise, the fish will shrink in size.


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1. Cut them up, clean them and fill the container with water until the prawns/shrimp/squid/fish is covered, place lid on and store.

2. Defrost it WITHOUT soaking in water, and give it a nice rinse before cooking.


1. Cut, clean and store without filling the container with water.

2. Soak ENTIRE CONTAINER in water when defrosting, not just the meat, otherwise, the meat will lose its flavor and color.

Fieya added,

“The night before you want to cook, bring the container down to the chiller compartment of your fridge and leave it overnight.”

Or you can let it defrost outside of your fridge!

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It took Fieya around three hours to fully cut, clean and store all the meat, so if you could get someone to help you speed up the process please do, unless you like to spend time in the kitchen by yourself.

“Wherever we can save, we save. Nowadays, money has no value, but when we want to earn it, it’s a whole different story. For me, three weeks food for 5-6 people in one house. My budget, RM150 – RM200.”

Fieya said she will be doing a vegetable version soon, we’re looking forward to that!

Thanks to Fieya’s tips we can now save lots more! These tips are especially good for those of you who are living alone or with housemates, away from your family home! Bookmark this page for your future reference too!

The best thing you could do is to think of recipes while you’re cleaning and storing the meat, that way, it’ll be easier for you when you have to bring them out to defrost!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have more tips to share with us? Comment down below!

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