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McDonalds D24 Durian McFlurry Sold Out, To Be Restocked In 2018

Now we know, Malaysian’s are clearly big fans of the king of fruit, the D24 durian! We have some bad news, people.

The D24 Durian McFlurry in McDonalds has been sold out and is no longer available on the menu. It’s only been a week and it’s gone. Now you’ll have to wait for the new restocking which will only be in 2018. Sobs.

As you know, the D24 durian is super expensive, and not many people can afford to buy it, hence the option would be the durian ice-cream. McDonalds recently posted on their Facebook, that the item has been sold out due to overwhelming response that helped them up to five times more than the projected amount.


McDonalds shared in their post:

As the product is made from real D24 Durian fruits, we won’t be able to get any extra stocks this year. However, we promise to bring it back in 2018.

Again, thank you for lovin’ the D24 Durian McFlurry™ and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our other desserts such as the Oreo McFlurry™ and Chocolate Sundae.

Source: McDonalds FB 

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As soon as the post was shared, they received a large number of people that expressed that they were sad, and some even did not get a chance to try it out yet. How sad!

Image result for mcflurry durian

Source: Harga Runtuh

Well, have you tried it yet? We did and we think it’s amazing! It even smells strongly exactly like the durian. For those of you that have not, it’s alright, you can try it next year!


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