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Cancerous Wax Peels Off Apple When Soaked in Hot Water

Over the past few years there have been numerous videos of people soaking and pouring hot water over their fruits and vegetables.

A recent Facebook post by user, Rashieda Awan has since gone viral due to similar circumstances after she poured hot water over her apple. Her post has garnered well over 32,000 shares as of writing and it’s no surprise as to why as well. She captioned her photo with the following:

“Take boiling water… pour over fruit. Take out and let it naturally dry. You will see the wax they put on it. Do not consume… put your fruit in hot water mixed with vinegar to clean it. Test your so-called organic fruit too.

When you see the fruit after boiling water has been poured over, it’s shocking to note that what you thought was healthy, could contain cancerous wax.


Natural vs Man-Made Wax

Firstly, some fruits such as apples and plums do produce natural wax; coating itself for protection and acting as a water repellent. This coating can be removed by simply washing them – that’s why we’ve always been told to wash fruits before eating them.

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So, how do you spot man-made wax, you ask? Well, by simply observing the fruit condition before purchase. Apples should have a natural waxy layer over them but it should never be too shiny. If it is, then that usually means that it’s covered with man-made wax.


So, why are artificial waxes applied in the first place?

The first reason is to make the fruits and vegetables appear shinier and more appealing, thus tricking the consumer into thinking the fruit is ‘fresh’.

The second reason is to preserve the fruits and vegetables longer; by preventing moisture from escaping.

Some of these waxes may be organic and made from ingredients such as soy and corn, but more often than not, other chemicals are included in it as well.

So, just to be safe, always wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly, better yet, peel the skin off before consumption.


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