"NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!" Giant Lizard Pillow Is The New WTF Trend - The Coverage

“NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!” Giant Lizard Pillow Is The New WTF Trend

First there was the Giant Cockroach Pillows and as if that wasn’t gross enough…now there’s the Gigantic Lizard Pillow which looks awfully realistic!

Ladies and gents if you hate lizards to the core of the earth then it’s best to just skip through this post as there will be A LOT of pictures of them.

I can’t express how much I am squirming while writing this post but hey…a writer gotta do what a writer should be doing. Plus, it gives me a slight joy knowing that I am about to make a few people equally uncomfortable, since I wouldn’t want to suffer alone. hahaha

Okay, so in my most honest opinion, the cockroach pillow has nothing against this lizard pillow just because the details on this mf is just to GELI!

That eyes looks like it will even follow your soul to the pits of hell!

Well if you are interested in getting one of these, you can find the seller, HERE.

By the way, anyone of you who have thoughts of giving this pillow as a present to those who genuinely hates lizards, be very prepared to loose a bond, right after.


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