【COMMUNITY】6 Cute Puppies Were Dumped At The Roadside By Heartless Owner! - Anyone Interested To Adopt? - The Coverage

【COMMUNITY】6 Cute Puppies Were Dumped At The Roadside By Heartless Owner! – Anyone Interested To Adopt?

If you are an animal lover and you are interested in adopting a pet, please kindly contact with this pretty lady who has just shared a post requesting netizens’ help!

About 2 hours ago, a Malaysian lady has uploaded a video of 6 puppies which were discovered to be abandoned by a heartless owner at the roadside in a housing area of Ampang.

The kind lady, Nithyah Manimaran had witnessed the puppies getting dumped without any shelter, food or water. They were left unsupervised without their mother. It was heartbreaking to see the puppies trying hard to survive by themselves from starving and also, bear with the hot and humid weather.

According to Nithyah, she was unsure about the gender for all the puppies, but she revealed that one of the puppies were a male dog as she was carrying it. The puppies are all new-born with pretty black and white fur and aged between 1 – 2 weeks.

As Nithyah couldn’t afford to adopt so many dogs, she has posted a status to request volunteers to provide shelter for the puppies. To whoever that is interested in adopting the puppies, you are welcomed to contact Nithyah through Facebook messenger.

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The location where the puppies were dumped that provided by Nithyah on Facebook is Jalan Dagang 12, Taman Dagang 68000 Ampang.

Here’s Nithyah’s Facebook Profile. Can you see how cute are the poor puppies? How can the owner be so heartless to dump all of them and abused them without giving them any food or contact with their dog mama?

Total 6 pups😞 The owner just staying opposite but never bothered. She separated the mother from these pups😞😞😞 and now…

Dikirim oleh Nithyah Manimaran pada 22 Maret 2017

Dikirim oleh Nithyah Manimaran pada 22 Maret 2017


Source: Facebook

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