College in China Poisoned The Stray Dogs In Shelter To Death, Just To Celebrate Their School Anniversary?! - The Coverage

College in China Poisoned The Stray Dogs In Shelter To Death, Just To Celebrate Their School Anniversary?!

  • µThey poisoned all the stray dogs just to celebrate school anniversary?!

Harbin Sports college was celebrating their school anniversary. To celebrate this important event, the school asked the security guards to poison all the stray dogs and puppies in the shelter home! These stray dogs and puppies were taken care by Aunt Zhao for years, and she’s been taking care of them like her own children!


The security poisoned the dogs and puppies by putting poison into the food, then they fed them with it!


Aunt Zhao was so devastated to find all her children are poisoned to death by the school! She was crying out with frustration while seeing her dogs die right in front of her eyes! She dedicated so many time and energy on every single dogs and puppy. This is so heartbreaking…

Apparently, China people has never passed a single animal protection law! They don’t have compassion towards animals at all! Aunt Zhao was totally helpless to stop this animal abuse. She can’t even do a report on the school! She can only watch her children die one by one.

To create awareness, A Fortress Of Fur posted on their page with a message to urge people to protect these small lives,

The plight of compassionate Chinese people and the animals continues. While animal abuse is already bad enough, it’s important to note that it is also human abuse.

This is Aunt Zhao. This is her in the video, crying in an overload of sheer frustration and despair as she is helpless to stop the slow agonizing death of her dogs, all of which have been poisoned.

For many years, Aunt Zhao has been taking care of the stray dogs like her own children at their shelter home. Today, all her dogs have been poisoned by Harbin Sports college.



The school had sent their security guards into the shed to poison all the dogs — including all puppies.

The College’s reason for it is, apparently, that they are going to have an “anniversary” tomorrow.

Look how distraught Aunt Zhao is over the poisoning of her ‘children’ — dogs and puppies she dedicated the time, energy and her life to create a safe place for. This raw footage and photos may not enough to describe what she is going through.

This happens because China allows people to enter the shelter she created for dogs and poison them to their agonizing deaths. It happens because China has never passed a single animal protection law, the lack of which has fostered subcultures of animal cruelty since any and all animal abuse is fully legal, and total corruption among Chinese officials and authorities.




We have to fight for the sake of the good people of China and their animals, who are victimized and silenced by the mobs of abusers and corrupt authorities. The international community must get involved.

Please Share widely. Expose China’s shameful indifference towards their ongoing legacy of sheer animal cruelty. Spread awareness that not everyone in China is cruel towards animals and these people deserve the support of the global community.


This is so cruel, these small lives are innocent! How can the school actually asked the security guard to poisoned them just to celebrate their school anniversary??

Watch how devasted was Aunt Zhao! This is too painful for her!

















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