Indonesian Man Gives Malnourished And Neglected Husky A Second Chance At Life - The Coverage

Indonesian Man Gives Malnourished And Neglected Husky A Second Chance At Life

There are far too many animals who are neglected in this world, shelters everywhere are packed with rescued animals waiting to be adopted, however, the people still prefer to buy from the pet store!

We understand that pure breed animals are beautiful and admired, but have you ever thought of the stray animals or the ones in the shelter? They deserve a chance at life too, so why do pay to get a pet when you can adopt for cheaper, sometimes even FREE?!

Thank goodness for kind-hearted people like Rico Soegiarto who found, treat, and nurse a neglected dog back to health. According to his Facebook post, Rico found the abandoned dog ten months ago in a terrible shape.

Source: Facebook

It was severely malnourished and because of that the young Siberian Husky deteriorated into a skeletal frame and could barely stand properly. The poor dog suffered from excessive hair loss with patches of baldness that made it unrecognizable.

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Source: Facebook

Couldn’t bear to see the canine suffering anymore, the dog-lover from Indonesia decided to take it home and give it his utmost care.

Source: Facebook

Rico gave the dog a nice meal and shower and then followed up with a checkup for health issues.

In the next several months, he nourished the dog back to health by feeding healthy meals regularly and providing a loving environment.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

On April 25, he took to Facebook to share the amazing transformation of the dog while under his care! The images spread across the internet with over 60,000 shares and were received with netizens showering Rico with praise for saving the dog’s life.

Source: Facebook

In the dog’s eyes, there was pure joy and love for his human as he sits on his human’s lap.

Source: Facebook

God bless your soul, Rico! You’re a real lifesaver! The Husky was given a second shot at life because of your kindness and compassion, the world needs more people like yourself! #adoptdontshop

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If you can save a life from the pound, do it. Make your move! What are your thoughts on this? 

(Source: Next Shark / Facebook)

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