Japanese Cops Struggle To 'Arrest' Runaway Giant Tortoise - The Coverage

Japanese Cops Struggle To ‘Arrest’ Runaway Giant Tortoise

On April 30, the Akishima Police Station received an emergency call from a concerned resident of Akishima city after spotting a giant tortoise accompanied by a smaller tortoise near a local park.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department immediately sent four officers from the local station in Akishima to handle the ‘situation’.

Upon arriving the scene, the police officers found that the task was not as easy as it would seem as they struggled to lift the larger of the two tortoises into their patrol car. The scene caused a minor commotion and it attracted curious onlookers near the area.

In the video that was widely circulated on the internet, the officers received some moral support from the local children who cheered them on while they figure out how to transport the tortoises.

The bigger tortoise was about 70 cm-long, a representative from the police station commented,

“The tortoise looks like it weighs at least 30 kilograms. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a huge tortoise.”

It is learned that the runaway tortoises are believed to be pets of a still unknown local resident, they are reportedly in the care of the authorities who are now looking for the owner of the reptiles.

We hope that the tortoises can be reunited with their owner. What’s funny is that they wandered away and went out on a stroll without anyone knowing! We pray that everything will go well from here on out.

(Source: Next Shark)

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