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Karma Strikes Back To The Heartless Owner Abandoned Dog On The Side Of The Road!

Now the main thing is why keep a pet when you know you can’t afford to take care of them? Having a pet is a BIG responsibility and it is not easy. You need to think about its basic needs, food, medical bills and so on and so forth, it is identical to taking care of a baby.

Irresponsible owners like Sherri Haughton irks me when she thought she didn’t want to pay the medical bills of her dog, Henry, to go through surgery, she just decided to abandon him.

Henry, a beautiful golden retriever had developed a tumor that weighs 46 pounds (20kg) on the right side of his body. Poor Henry couldn’t even move because the tumor had grown so big that it has blocked his legs from walking normally. Not only that, he couldn’t even lift his leg to relieve himself.

Sherri, the cruel owner, dumped Henry on the sandy beach left to die has been charged with animal abandonment, life-endangering animal neglect, failure to care for an animal, and interfering with the duty of an animal control officer, these charges are all misdemeanors. Karma has caught on with the cruel owner as she faces two years in prison charged with animal cruelty by Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Malone.

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Henry was then brought to AAA Animal Hospital and underwent surgery to remove the enormous tumor paid by community donations which cost about $500 (roughly RM2,227.25). But before all this happened, Sherri did bring Henry to a rescue facility claiming that he was a stray, maybe to get cheaper rates or not even pay at all for his medical bills?

“Most vets that we’ve asked and have been involved in his story have never seen a tumor that big” said Valerie Schomburg, a Newport Beach animal control supervisor. As removing the tumor was difficult, with fate on Henry’s favor, he went under the knife on 1st June 2016. Now while he recovers, Henry will be taken care of by a foster family.

Have a look at Henry after the successful surgery, as we can tell Henry is actually a very loving and friendly dog, the owner is really heartless to abandon such a beautiful soul.

“She lives in NEWPORT BEACH. She could have afforded to pay for the surgery……she preferred to buy more pointless shoes and purses.” commented by a MailOnline reader.

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