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Malaysian Breed Temolian Is The World’s Rarest Dog

Lately, the Internet has been raving about a rare dog breed that apparently originated from Malaysia and we couldn’t be any more proud to share some knowledge with you!

So, apparently, there’s this breed called Telomian, which is so rare that it even made it to the top 20 list of the world’s rarest dog, according to Outside Online. And of course, few other lists…

The name Telomian itself was derived from the Telom River, Pahang. This protective breed was originally kept by Orang Asli who kept them to hunt or become watchdogs and sometimes as shepherds.

These dogs are also popularly known for the fact that they do not bark! But instead, they make other dog-like noises. They tend to howl, growl and crow strangely in comparison to the normal breeds that we know.

Another interesting fact is that this dog uses its paw just like we humans use our palms. They can even climb wooden ladders that are up to 6-8 feet tall. Some say that they are better climbers than cats! Meow?

Well, it doesn’t seem so strange especially when you realise that the Orang Asli usually have their house built on stilts to keep their families safe from jungle predators. That’s pretty much where they get their ‘training’ to climb up high places.

Compared to the normal breeds that we often hear about, the Telomians are very adept at using their paws to even hold toys, food and it seems that they could easily open doors for you!

Now, as far as we know, this breed is even a rare sight in Malaysia these days, but there are claims that there are still sightings of Telomians around Cameron Highlands and Bruas, Perak and Raub, Pahang. Apparently, there are also breeders who sell this Telomian pups however they are all from overseas.

So, what do you think of this breed as a dog lover? Would it be a perfect family dog?


Source: Outside Online, Sarah’s Dogs



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