Owner Had No Idea His Pet Dog Climbed Out Onto A Window Ledge With No Railing!!! - The Coverage

Owner Had No Idea His Pet Dog Climbed Out Onto A Window Ledge With No Railing!!!

Now now, before you jump to conclusion on how cruel this dog owner is, please hear his part of the story first!

There has been pictures and videos of a dog standing on a window ledge with no railings of an apartment unit in Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur that went viral on social media, but its owner was totally in the dark until enforcement officers knocked on his door.

The 52-year-old taxi driver said he put the dog on the balcony so it would not mess things up while he and his family were packing to move to their new home in Subang Jaya.

The owner was unaware that the dog had escaped from the balcony and gone out onto the narrow ledge which had no railing. It was only when 4 officers from the Kuala Lumpur Veterinary Services Department enforcement division knocked on his door on the morning of April 19 that he found out.

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The man was sleeping when the officers arrived and he seems puzzled. The warning letter issued by the apartment’s management was sent to the wrong address, which was why the dog owner did not reply or take action of the situation.

SPCA inspector Kelvin Cheah said pet owners living in high-rise buildings should use the necessary safeguards.

“For example, when putting a dog on the balcony, secure the railings with chicken wire so that it can’t escape through the gaps.

“Irresponsible pet owners make it harder for responsible pet owners to keep their pets,” he said.

Under Section 44 of the Animal Act, those charged with animal abuse can be fined RM50,000, jailed for a year or both upon conviction.

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