Pet Dog Dies Of A Broken Heart After Being Abandoned By Owner At Colombian Airport - The Coverage

Pet Dog Dies Of A Broken Heart After Being Abandoned By Owner At Colombian Airport

This is seriously heartbreaking, how can people be so heartless and abandon their pets just like that?! In case you’re thinking about abandoning your pet, you should read this!

This poor little dog was found at a terminal at Palonegro airport near Bucaramanga, Colombia. Thet two-year-old pup had apparently spent about a month wandering the airport before being rescued by an animal shelter.

Source: Daily Mail

The vets who treated her named her “Nube Viajera” or Wandering Cloud, she had been seen roaming around the airport and sniffing strangers, believed to be in search of her owner. One of the vets said,

“It is presumed that she had an owner and a home and that they abandoned her because the dog never left the airport.”

Initially, the dog was in good health, however, she soon gave up on life and was too depressed to eat anything even though the locals tried to feed her from time to time. She was seen lying listlessly at a corner of the terminal and her condition deteriorated rapidly.

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Source: Daily Mail

Soon after that, a concerned passerby contacted a nearby animal rescue group, who took her in for treatment, sadly, she was too weak to stand.

Alejandro Sotomonte Nino, a vet from the Colombian Animal Protection Foundation said:

“The hypothesis we have is that a traveler abandoned it.

“The dog’s health deteriorated in a matter of 48 hours, even though we gave her food and medicine via intravenous injection. She fell into sadness and depression and did not survive.”

The vets who attended Wandering Cloud labeled her cause of death as depression and clarified that before her death, she had a normal weight and showed no signs of any serious illness.

Source: Daily Mail

Before you say animals have no heart and feelings, let Wandering Cloud’s story prove you wrong. These furry creatures are gifts from God, we humans do not deserve them, they have an endless supply of love to give, and when you just abandon them you’re killing them slowly.

Do not abandon your pet! When you choose to have a pet, you must give your 100% commitment to it, which includes taking care of their food, wellbeing, and cleaning up after that. Never take this responsibility lightly! This is why you should properly do your research and think twice before adopting or buying a pet! 

If you do plan to get a pet, regardless if it’s a cat, dog, mouse, chinchilla, etc, PLEASE ADOPT! Save the ones that are in a shelter first before buying then over the counter! Seek out adoption drives or a shelter near you, the animals there needs your help the most! They’ll be so much more grateful to you!!

What’s your thought on this? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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