[VIDEO] Cat Mauled By Dogs After Owner Loses Control Over Them - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Cat Mauled By Dogs After Owner Loses Control Over Them

A heart-dropping video recently went viral of a cat getting mauled by 2 large breed dogs when they were on a walk with their owner.

The CCTV surveillance footage uploaded onto คลิปรอบโลก Facebook page has over 1.2 million views and over 8,000 shares.

In the video, an owner of two large breed dogs was seen walking her dogs on a leash down a street, like most western housing area there are no gates on the car porch. A cat was seen lounging on the floor right beside a 4WD.

When the dogs spotted the cat, they immediately charged towards to cat causing the owner to lose control and smacking her face on the ground. The cat then fights for its life as the dogs’ owner slowly gets up to pull her dogs away from the cat.

She kicks one of her pooch in the stomach lightly before losing them again, then she tugs on the leash and finally manages to pull one dog away from the cat. As she tries to pull the other dog’s leash, the first dog she successfully pulled away got free from its collar and went straight for the cat again, this time under the vehicle.

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The video cuts right there, and we are unsure if the cat survived or not.

The post was shared with a caption,

“Taking dogs for a walk. If you can’t control your dog, don’t take them out. Poor cat!”

Which is very true, if you know your dog has the tendency to attack smaller animals, don’t bring them out on a leash so flimsy like that, you should at least have a harness or a mouth guard on the dog. Harnesses are so much safer for animals and it does not put pressure on the neck. 

I always believe that pets are reflections of their owners in terms of behaviors, so it is not the breed that is at fault, it is the owner and the training. 

However, if this lady has to bring her dogs on her walk, she could at least have another person with her, so they can each hold one dog and they would probably be able to save the cat’s life! Only you would know your dog’s behavior other than its trainer, so you should take extra precaution if your dog has the tendency to attack. 

Mouth guards are inexpensive to get, you should be able to get them at any pet stores and even veterinary clinics have them!

Have a look at the video here, let us know what you think!

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(Source: Facebook)

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