[VIDEO] Drowning Baby Deer Saved By A Kind-Hearted Doggy - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Drowning Baby Deer Saved By A Kind-Hearted Doggy

Sometimes, we humans really don’t deserve dogs, they’re such amazing creatures, and it makes them even special when they want to help save a life!

Just like Storm, the doggie who didn’t hesitate a second when he saw an unidentified animal drowning in the water. Storm looks like a Golden Retriever and it is in Retriever’s blood that they want to save other animals and just like their breed, they like to retrieve stuff.

The incident happened when Storm’s owner Mike Freeley, was taking a walk with his canines. They came across a drowning animal, as soon as Storm got closer to the helpless creature, it turned out to be an injured baby deer.

Mike quickly record the whole scene on his mobile phone as soon as Storm got into action.

In the video, we get to see Storm gently dragging the deer in his mouth, just how he would do with a puppy.

Even on shore, Storm wouldn’t leave the deer alone, he stayed by her side and licked her to keep her safe and warm. Mike and his dogs were there until the representatives from Strong Island Animal Rescue arrived.

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Apparently, when the rescuers arrived, they also had trouble with the disoriented deer when she jumped into the water and started drowning again.

But this time, a volunteer named Frankie Floridia jumped in to save the deer.

The baby deer is being treated and is expected to make a full recovery soon enough, all thanks to the rescuers and one very brave dog.

Storm certainly set the example for us humans to always help those in need regardless of what it may be, but of course, don’t help people commit crimes and do bad things! That being said, I think Storm deserves a salute, don’t you think?

Have a look at the video, and let us know what you think!

(Source: Bored Panda)

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