[POSTPONED] Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™ Concert - The Coverage

[POSTPONED] Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone™ Concert

Harry Potter fans of Malaysia woke up today in devastation and anger. For months many have pre-booked and waited for this first-ever Harry Potter concert and sadly, it got cancelled and postponed. The concert was supposed to take place this weekend, which is today and tomorrow at Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre, but is said to be postponed till further notice at the very last minute this morning.

The organiser Creon Asia, posted a statement on their site few hours before the concert this morning that was suppose to be happening today at 7pm, informing the unfortunate updates.

Source: Creon Asia Event Page

Many netizens expressed their anger and disappointment on the page stating that some of them have even planned and booked their trip to KL for the show, and it was not right for them to cancel it the very last minute.

A netizen Carmen Loke posted,

“Are you serious?? Had my week planned out and waiting for this since i bought the tickets! Better give me a good experience in ur posponed dates or I’ll definitely report this 😡💔”
Another by the name of Marcia Xavier said,
“Utterly unacceptable. After promoting the event for months, the best you can do is cite ‘unforeseen circumstances’? Come on, you have to have someone equipped to manage crisis and provide a better explanation (the truth). For starters, give a reason why there isn’t even a 12 hour notice period (at this rate 24 hours seems like too much work for you).

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It’s so easy to say you can a get a refund but don’t for a second think that that’s going to be enough. And where is your social media presence now? Shouldn’t someone be on deck to respond to your customers?
Don’t they deserve that courtesy at least?”

Woah, Creon Asia you’ve got a lot of explaining to do about this.
Apparently there were rumours about the key production head is not available therefore causing the postponement by one of the netizens that called TicketPro for refund of their tickets.
For those of you who would like to refund or know more about the dates, keep yourself posted! There will be an announcement on the 25th on the new performance dates by TicketPro.
Source: The Hive Asia


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