Rich Chinese Woman Gives Man RM630,000 To Stop Pursuing Her - The Coverage

Rich Chinese Woman Gives Man RM630,000 To Stop Pursuing Her

Finding the perfect one for ourselves is hard, it is a long journey into finding ourselves first before finding our fated one. One thing we always hear from others is “don’t give up”. But there are times when the best thing to do is admit defeat, especially when you’ve tried and failed. Don’t give up before even trying!

Kang who is from Beijing, China, pursued his childhood love, Lee, for a whole 10 years! As sweet as it may sound, Lee has rejected his advances countless of times.

According to Guang Ming, both of them were schoolmates and Kang had fallen in love with Lee and believed that one day, his sincerity would touch Lee’s heart and that she would come to love him too so he persisted in pursuing her.

He asked her to go on dates, even when he got rejected, he would wait for her at her workplace with a bouquet of roses. Instead of feeling touched by his actions, she felt that he was harassing her and disturbing her daily life because everyone thought that he was her boyfriend.

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Because he was always looking for her, other guys did not dare to approach her as they thought she was already in a relationship and when she saw that her friends were all getting into happy relationships, she felt dissatisfied and started to hate Kang and his romantic advances.

Kang was even slapped by Lee out of frustration when he tried to read out a love letter to her in public. But little did she know, Kang felt that this action actually meant that they were getting closer.

Lee, who is from a rich family background couldn’t take it anymore and decided to issue an ultimatum to her relentless suitor by offering him RMB1 million (RM628,159) to stay away from her, but he had to sign a contract that declared he would not disturb her anymore.

Kang agreed to sign the contract after careful consideration. BUT on the same day, he changed his mind and tore the contract up because he felt that love was more important. Dude, it ain’t love at this point, you just obsess!

Lee, who thought she could finally have a peace of mind broke down crying. In the end, she lodged a police report and finally, in front of the police Kang promised that he wouldn’t harass Lee anymore and he apologized for his actions.


But he also added that he would never give up on her, he said he would use another way to love her. After he finished his speech, Lee was furious and gave him two tight slaps.

Some people don’t understand that the actions they’re showing are at a super creepy level. That is not the way to win a girl’s heart unless she is twisted too. There are times you need to realize that maybe this isn’t the one you’re meant to be with, take a step back and see how she’s responding to you. Not push everything on her, by doing that you are not only pushing her away, but you are appearing as a creepy stalker in her eyes as well! So be smart guys!

(Source: Guang Ming)




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