A Ride Down South To Ultra Singapore With Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 - The Coverage

A Ride Down South To Ultra Singapore With Mercedes-Benz GLA 200

Woohoo! Lucky us! Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, last weekend we were given the chance to ride in the latest Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 model that was recently launched, as we were in our neighbouring country, Singapore for the Ultra Singapore event.

When we left KL, we rode in the sleek Mercedes-Benz C-Class. I would say that due to its white body, the car instantly took on a sporty look, worthy for the Sepang tracks.

Just check out the interior, I’m no ‘Car Guy’ but I, too, do fancy admiring a car’s build.

So after the long journey down south, as soon as we checked in Ritz-Carlton, it was time to switch to the Mercedes-Benz GLA 200, pretty much the moment our ‘Car Guy’ in the company was waiting for.

Since our ‘Car Guy’ couldn’t stop raving about how awesome the ride was, let me just share the awesomeness with you. Even from a mile away you could tell that it’s a Mercedes beauty with its iconic grille and do take note of its bold and sporty outlook as you will be seeing this Urban Hunter conquering the streets soon enough.

There’s just something about guys and cars when it comes to the fine details, wouldn’t you say so? As you take a look at the interior you would notice that high-quality materials and excellent workmanship were put to its best use for this model.

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The Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 Urban Line is among the 3 of the titans that were launched recently. The pinnacle of the model series is the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 4MATIC, following along the GLA 250 4MATIC AMG line.

More compact in size in comparison to other SUVs on the road are the Mercedes Urban Hunters! Its muscular yet refined lines suits both for the male and female drivers who love an edgy and active lifestyle.

Don’t worry, peeps! This series is designed in such a way that it has low fuel consumption in everyday conditions making it a perfect ride for both on and off-road travelling. Big cars create big sounds, right? Nope, the GLA has a pleasantly discreet noise level even at high speeds! Talk about maximising the best out of aerodynamics.

Now that you had a glimpse of its awesomeness, I must take this opportunity to ask you to take a test ride with this beauty…you would absolutely love it! Wish we could have ridden in it for longer, though.

Back to our journey, we headed over to the Dempsey Hill for a media lunch session with Mark Raine, the Vice of Mercedes. I must note that he is a very handsome man, indeed.

Once we got there, we were given a pair of tickets to the 2-day Ultra Singapore event by the Mercedes team (MT) through Premium General Admission (PGA), which pretty much means these are ‘special’ tickets with advance admission versus the ‘general’ tickets.

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Wondering what’s so special about this ticket? Well, it just simply gives us the access to the Mercedes-Benz suite that was located smack in front of the main stage. What could be better than enjoying the party with a VIP-style view? The special bar, a photo booth area for selfie junkies and a bean bag zone for guests like me, who just loves to flop on the floor when the feet just keep giving in after all those jumping.

What’s a party without proper raving gear, right? Thankfully, MT was thoughtful enough to prepare a goodie bag for us that consisted of a selfie light, a portable fan, glowsticks, etc.

The 50,000 that attended the music festival were also having a blast as no one stopped partying hard even when the rain poured like nobody’s business. Also, let’s not forget to mention the abundance of food variety that was properly ‘placed’ and ravers were able to enjoy the party and food without much hassle as compared to the previous Ultra Singapore.

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I heard some were saying the Japanese rice sets were to die for at the PGA.

After an exhausting yet exhilarating night, we came back to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, had a good night shower and KO-ed. Once we were up, the team took the time to indulge in complimentary breakfast set that came with the 3 days 2 nights accommodation that was prepared by Mercedes-Benz for The Coverage.


Oh! By the way, you should totally check out the Ritz-Carlton Hotel if you are on a vacation…just take a look at this luxury vacay!

The team definitely partied hard for both days and made the most of our trip. When it was time to come home, the team rode in the Mercedes-Benz A 250. We would like to give a big thank you shout out to Mercedez-Benz Malaysia for accommodating us very well during last weekend and it was an amazing trip and opportunity for us to ride in your signature cars.


To check out the awesomeness of the GLA series CLICK HERE


Image source: Autoworld

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